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August 20 2007

Another Serenity Collector's Edition review. That one from Pop Syndicate. But wait, there's more! Digitally Obsessed and DVD in My Pants (yes, really) offer up reviews as well.

Since this item was posted, there's now also a review UGO and blurb from the StarTribune in Minneapolis.

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Did Serenity ever come get released on legal digital download format? Cause I was incredibly fan boyish earlier and was thinking about how many formats the movie has been released on i.e. VHS, UMD, DVD, HD DVD and now CE DVD and how many fans have bought all the different formats.
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Simon, Amazon has a page for it in Amazon Unbox but it says "This item is currently not available" on the page.

Amazon Unbox Serenity page

So they set up a page thinking it would be available one day and have not ever took it down.

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FWIW, its Amazon rankings currently stand at #9 overall, #1 in Western, #2 in Sci-Fi, and #3 in Action.
Tomorrow's gonna be a good day.

ps. love the tags b!xy :)
Down to #8 overall.

Can't wait.

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