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August 21 2007

Out today! The Serenity Collector's Edition DVD! Two disc special edition! Lots of extras including the Session 416 videos and a new cast commentary! Whose getting a copy?

And it's currently at number 7 in Amazon's DVD chart (4 places higher than yesterday).

I'll be getting up early in order to go buy one on the way to work (I cancelled my order from Universal Home Entertainment).
I'll be going to Best Buy this evening to pick up my copy!

Hopefully they didn't understimate us and get too few copies for there to be one sticking around by time I get there.
Don't forget that the Best Buy edition comes with a free Serenity comic, of some sort.
Mine was shipped on Sunday. What a stupid day to ship it, means it'll take an extra day to get to me! But I have Friday and Saturday off to watch it as much as I want AND Serenity is the Midnight Madness movie this weekend at the local art theatre, so I'll be able to absorb all the interesting comments and then annoy my sister to no end by whispering the good bits a little too loudly during the movie. :D
Yup, I am anticipating the comic, bix, even though it's most likely a reprint of something I already have.

Another thing to note about Best Buy:

They're selling the DVD for cheaper than Wal-Mart is. Which has got to be a first.
I'm picking it up after work tomorrow (technically today even on the West Coast now). I can't wait to watch the new commentary and new features and the R. Tam sessions on my TV screen!
Mine's coming in from Amazon, but I may pick one an extra one up from the Borders across the street from my work at lunchtime tomorrow.
Like cabri, mine was also shipped on Sunday.

On a related note, my brother and I went to Wal-Mart at about two and they didn't have a single copy in the joint. I figured that maybe they just hadn't put it out yet, but all of the other movies/DVD sets that were released today were out AND there was a place marked for it. My brother had wanted to buy his own copy, but missed out for now.

To Hell with Robocop anyway... ;)
Have 3 copies ordered, two going to daughters, one to me. Shipped hours ago, according to my email.
Also have copies ordered from Universal and NBC/Uni going out to family members and friends for gifts and will be picking up two on the way home. Extra for me and one for my Mom.
I think the better question is "Who's not getting a copy? And why the heck not?!"
My copy is coming from Amazon in the States, and is currently in Kentucky in the hands of UPS. According to Amazon it should be delivered tomorrow or Thursday. *crosses fingers*
Amazon says mine has shipped--hope its here by the weekend
so I can listen to that commentary!!!
Mine arrived in the UK last week.
Mine was shipped Sunday and is destined to arrive in the next few days.

Maybe I should have just picked it up at Best Buy with a free comic.

Still, I'm anxiously awaiting new cover art and new commentary. Yippeee!!
Shipped Sunday also, but there's something in the way.
3 Words: Standard International Shipping.

At least, I might get it in time for my birthday....
Mine is on the way from Amazon. The bad news it's shipping via USPS which means the tracking number is nearly worthless because generally by the time they've updated it, it's generally arrived.
Shipped from amazon a few days ago. Unfortunately, it has to travel half way across the country. I can wait, though...
I'll be stopping by Best Buy tonight, too - the one by my house is usually pretty good about having lots of new stuff in plentiful stock.

And I'll probably be getting 5 copies. Three for myself (I have three copies of the first release), and one each for my dad and my brother.

Don't ask me why I need three copies of both releases for myself, I just do. I figured the Big Damn Movie could use every little bit of extra support...
I'll be getting this later in the week. Can't believe that this will technically be the sixth time I've bought this movie. No more after this one.

Unless another edition comes out, obviously...
I'm watching the mailbox!! But I will surely go to Best Buy as well, probably tomorrow!
I'll be flyin' over to Best Buy after work to max out my Best Buy credit card (again). All over a silly comic.
I ordered mine from Universal, and I don't know when they will ship it (I haven't received any word from them), but I am tempted to take a trip to Best Buy today.....
To you whose copies from Amazon have already shipped, did you pay for shipping? I bundled mine with something else to hit the $25 mark for free shipping, and the website says it's only being readied for shipment now - which is earlier than they'd originally claimed it would ship, so that's something...
I'll be swinging by Best Buy after work today, picking up Serenity and my missing two seasons of Buffy that I ordered on sale for store pick-up (thanks to whoever posted that link Sunday!). It'll be a Joss-fest!
Yeah, I pre-ordered mine from Amazon with the Heroes season 1, (that qualified for free shipping) which doesn't come out until next week. So I'm sure I won't get mine until the beginning of Sept.
I woke up this morning to find all four of our family cars I guess my trip to best buy is on hold for now...grr argh
I just got my copy from Best Buy, which is in one way glorious, but in another way utter torture since I won't be able to watch it until Thursday night at the very earliest. What I can tell everyone is that it is very, very pretty - such shiny design and presentation. The comic book that comes with it for the Best Buy purchasers is the entire Part 1 of the three-part "Serenity: Those Left Behind," but in smaller format, i.e., slightly smaller than 5x8 inches. The cover by Sean Phillips is different than anything I'd seen before, but since I didn't collect all the covers of the original books, that's not necessarily saying anything. It has Mal, Jayne and Zoe standing in front of Serenity; Zoe is slightly foregrounded but Mal is in the middle, unsurprisingly.

It's all just so, so pretty.

On another note, the Buffy and Angel slimline sets were still all on sale at my Best Buy for $19.99 each. I was so excited about the new Serenity that my enthusiasm almost made me break down and buy some of these sets for family members, but then I remembered that money, alas, does not grow on trees. At least it doesn't for me.

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I think you mean "Who's getting a copy?", not "Whose". ;-)

And yes, I'm eagerly awaiting my Amazon delivery today!
According to Amazon, I should be getting it today.I'm one of those hopeless book-o-holics who orders so many that it is worth paying the annual fee for two day delivery across the board.

Just another area where I've succumbed to the modern level of impatience and growing need for instant gratification. I'd never have believed, twenty years ago, that using a dial phone, or waiting a few seconds for a tv to come on could be irritating.And I do so love the way that Netflix selecions come right back at you, as soon as you send one in. Pathetic, really.

Got to say I'm glad I won't be waiting too long for this.
I ordered mine from Amazon and bundled it with two other DVDs (the anniversary editions of The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth) and went for free shipping. The whole kit 'n' kaboodle shipped out on Saturday and I got it on Monday. Shiny.
I ordered one from Universal, one from Amazon and I'm going to walk over to Best Buy this morning to get my BDCE and comic. I figure I will buy a few more copies over the next couple of weeks to support the cause :)
Well, I guess there's no fathoming the Mystery That Is Amazon's Shipping Practices...!

ETA: Shiny! Right now it's moved up to #6 on the Amazon bestsellers list!

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Posted a pic of the Best Buy comic here. And on the QMx insert in the package there's an URL and a code to use to buy a half-price set of the Bank Heist Money. Woo hoo!
Now having mine in hand, I can say that they definitely remastered Session 416 for the DVD.
Just picked up the Serenity Collector's Edition at Wal-Mart at lunch. No big Box. Wasn't even in the end-cap of new releases. In alpha order, amoung the aisle of new releases.

But there was a nice little empty spot on the end-cap with no tag on front to indicate what DVD should go there.

So when I left the store, 4 SCEs were in that formerly empty spot and 4 were in the original spot.

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Whoops...I got mine from Amazon yesterday...I don't know how that miracle happened, but I devoured the whole thing yesterday.
Wasn't even in the end-cap of new releases.

The Fred Meyer store here in Portland where I got mine on the way to work didn't have it in new releases either. They had two copies under "S" on the general shelves.
Come on guys! Lets get our Big Damn Sequel!

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Session 416 has a subtitle track. We now have the official transcript.
amazon shipped it yesterday....i won't have time to see the uber features for a while(hell I didn't even finish seeing all the features of babylon 5 lost tales yet).
Yay! Mine's shipped! And now at #5...!
Okay, sorry about yelling, but it is VERY sweet. I'm listening to the cast commentary as I write, and they are having way too much fun! I am so happy to have this (I should thank whoever ran off with my Serenity DVD last Christmas).
picked mine up at lunch from Best Buy (I picked up the next to last one in the new release section - could have been more back at the Sci Fi section). I could just look at it - the box that is - for the rest of the day - what a nice package!!! can't wait to watch it tonight!!!
Session 416 has a subtitle track. We now have the official transcript. theonetruebix

Be careful there. Look what happened to Lexigeek and QMx on the Travel Posters :)
I just picked up 3 copies in Downey, CA. They had maybe 15 more in the Sci-Fi section. I didn't make it to the new release area to see how many were there. I grabbed a couple and put one on an endcap titled "Movies we love" and put another in the Fox tv section with Firefly.

For those collector types out there, the comic is sealed with the dvd. So as long as they have these versions in stock, you will get a comic with each copy you buy.
Whoo-hoo! I got the comic book. It comes packed with the Serenity Collector's Edition DVD. Psst, the SCEs are back in the Sci Fi section not the front where the DVD releases are. Although, now there are two of them in the front section in that one store.

Resisted the urge to buy more than one with a comic book.
Got mine.

This has got to be one of the coolest boxes ever!
It's up to #6 now. One of those is mine, but since I couldn't resist the temptation to buy the Best Buy package (and haven't gotten my Amazon one yet, gorrammit!), I'll sell that to my sister. :-) For a penny profit - every little bit helps! ;-D

ETA: Oh, and I meant to say: Best Buy had buried them so deep in special Special Edition mid-aisle shelving that I couldn't find them after going around and around 3 times. Finally when I was standing glaring at the new releases wondering if I should just leave, one of the stockers asked me if I needed help and took me to the secret location. Luckily he took a stack back to new releases with him so at least the next few fans won't be wandering lost in the wilderness for hours...

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Lots of shopping reports at thread, also.
Bought it and I am so happy with it.
There had been talk about the collectors' edition just being a way of getting more money out of fans, but the DVD set is well worth it to me. I wouldn't have wanted the original DVDs delayed, it was great to get that right away (and buy copies for friends and family), but it takes time to put together some of these 'extras' which make this set so much more special. I feel it is well worth it.
A copy of the Best Buy edition will be given away tonight at "Firefly at the Mission." That is all.
What a gorgeous edition. I bought a copy at lunch, showed it to a sorta fan and he loved it so much he went right after work to get his own copy.
I'll have to wait until tomorrow to watch mine. That's ok. I can wait. I think.
Got mine a few hours ago at the Best Buy in San Carlos! It's so pretty. And yeah - none in the new releases, had to ask where to find it, and it was just back in Sci-Fi with the rest. (I was so excited when the fellow handed it to me that I didn't think to even notice how many another copies there were, or put them someplace conspicuous. Bad fan.)
I almost freaked out at Best Buy--the spot for it on the new releases rack was empty! But I scrounged around in the regular shelves and found some.

I'm loving the packaging!
So I did indeed get mine at Best Buy, and it was right up front in the New Releases section, so my BB wasn't trying to cockblock anyone unlike a lot of yours apparently are.

Great, great stuff. That commentary rocked the casbah.
A little over an hour into the commentary right now. It is indeed rocking. One of my favorite parts is in a moment of quiet, Nathan says "I love this movie." And he says it in such a way that you completely and totally believe that he feels that way.
"Oh, we're all on the bridge. I loved those moments. You remember those moments, don't you Ron?"
Yay I got one of the special ones with the comic at Best Buy, This is awesome packaging!
Oh and when I checked Amazon Serenity has moved to the #4 spot

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Mine's in Indianapolis... :-( (That's okay, though. I'm patient. Yes I am...)
Amazing Amazing Amazing packaging. I'm in love
I don't know if this kind of packaging is standard for Universal's Collector's Editions, but I've never seen anything like it before. It's really gorgeous. Seeing it in pictures just doesn't do it justice. I had no idea there was going to be that cool plastic overlay deal.

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