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August 21 2007

Three more Serenity RPG products coming out in 2008. ICv2 News reports that Margaret Weis Productions will bring out "a collection of short adventures; .... Six-shooters and Spaceships, a ship and technology sourcebook; and the Big Damn Heroes Handbook".

That's surprising. I'm surprised. This is my surprise face.
I'm curious to know why you are surprised.
Hmm, I wonder if this new offering will have stories about some other people in the 'Verse or if there will be new info about the crew we know and love.

I loved the first RPG book. I wish I hadn't bought the second.
I'm surprised because I recall the licensing deal was for three products with an option to continue, and after the third product arrived there was a very long silence until today.
I can see why you were surprised, curious indeed.
There was a third product? Since when?
The Corebook, the GM's Screen and the adventure book Out In The Black.
As to the long delay for new Serenity RPG products, from what I understand, the corporate wheels of Universal's licensing department were turning a little on the slow side. Jamie wanted to move ahead faster, but the timetable is ultmately always going to be at Universal's discretion.

Jamie was getting faster responses in connection with communications involving their licensed merchandise for Battlestar Galactica and Supernatural. The assumption being that Universal was giving priority to current projects, rather than "back burner" projects like our beloved Serenity.

That's okay... we'll keep the flames burning hot under the 'Verse until it reaches a nice rolling boil... then they'll have to move us to front burner status... heh...

(Edited to fix a spelling thingy.)

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