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"Gonna take a while for the stink of this to pass."
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August 21 2007

"I Am Geek" celebrates the new Serenity DVD Release. One of the 'verse's best Comics waits impatiently for the BDCE, just like us.

OMG that was greatness. I am sitting in my quite office all alone in my little cubicle having a mini nerd-gasm over that comic. Thanks for posting!
So, so true...

But wait, were there midnight releases?! I didn't know that! I didn't knoooooow!!!
I read this comic every week. It makes me feel less geeky. (If that's possible) Must make my son wear his "Mommy's little Browncoat" and Jayne hat today! They're so maleable when they're young, aren't they?
Darn, yet another geek-related webcomic I'm going to have to keep up with. :-)

More Whedon-related instalments here, here, here and here.
errr i cant get the site!!!
That is too funny!!!!
Lol!! That was hysterical!
That is great, but I thought the geeks would tell me where the easter eggs are.... I can't find the easter eggs.
Thanks for posting it, loved it so much, that I'm reading every single one.
Just wasted three hours reading this comic...

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