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August 21 2007

A chance to win Serenity CE DVD! (Only in Canada). It is a contest from Universal Canada, and they have skill testing questions for the contest, I loved the possible answers for the first question. I could use a second copy to give away as a gift. And another cool point, I found this through a banner on a stargate site!

I entered, but I'm going to run downtown after work and buy a copy anyway.
Has hell frozen over? We get something that the USA doesn'!
Those were some tough questions.
Is there a link here I'm not seeing?
err Gill, you should be able to see the contest link. If not, just go to and look for links to contests etc. And yes the questions were quite difficult, at least I am sure Jayne would think so:P

Oh also, if you look at the rules and regulations there are 10 dvds to give away not just 1, so who knows? And definitely buy yourself a copy, this would be a gift to someone else :P(other than myself)
They expect only 1000 people to enter.
I bet they expected that before, but now, I wonder after it gets shown on whedonesque. I also wonder how many canadians read whedonesque :P.

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