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May 20 2003

Salon: The man behind the Slayer. Interview with Joss. Some great stuff.

"Besides, Xander got so much goddamn tail. I'm sorry -- that's a nerd? He went out with Cordelia, he had an affair with Willow, he lost his virginity to Faith. He nearly married Anya. The guy's James fucking Bond over here. It's a lie! It's a lie!"

I always did wonder about the Oz arc.

I think this is a suitable epitaph for the show:

"God, some of the funniest stuff we ever did was in that episode, but also the scene where they find out that Willow is alive and everybody, everybody, is so goddamn funny. It's Giles, Xander, Willow and Buffy, the fearsome foursome. "
I know, best bloody TV show ever and it ends. Now what?
The Tara/Giles counterpoint is one of my favorite parts of the musical too.

There are so many stories from the Buffyverse that need to be told. I hope it doesn't take too long.
I have no words. I am so sad. Surely today can't be it?
The whole thing about Buffy's division from the Scoobies relating to SMG as star and the other actors is very interesting in light of the more recent gossip about her relationship with the cast.
Lovely interview.

It's interesting to hear more about arcs that didn't happen. I wonder how an Willow/Oz/Veruca triangle would have played out. In general, I'm just glad to see Oz mentioned, even if we likely won't get a chance to see him again. We'll just have to close our eyes and picture Willow turning that corner in Istanbul, I suppose.

I had never really thought about the importance of Dawn being someone with whom Buffy could have a relationship that moved her as much as any boyfriend that she ever had or could have. I very much appreciate the thought that went into deciding to honor the fact that we're just as affected by the other relationships in our lives that are not romantically-based. I think this is particularly pronounced for me as a woman, for whom having a partner in life is "supposed" to be the pinnacle of my existence. My partner is very important to me, no doubt, but so are other people in my life. I feel like that isn't represented enough.

That said, I'm still a romantic. Many of those sweet moments are my absolute favorites, for all of the characters. But the mother-daughter, sister and friend relationships that we've seen Buffy have are just way more important to me as a viewer than her romantic entanglements; the variety and depths of these relationships are what make her so fully realized. This interview made me understand that one of the reasons that I love the show so much is that to some extent, it's a break from so much other popular media that's obsessed with mostly romantic (hetero, but that's another story) love at the expense of exploring the depths of other relationships.

Rambling, sorry. Today being the day it is, I'm feeling the urge to revisit my fandom. Before I go out and buy some tissues, of course.

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