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August 21 2007

Director Seth Gordon suggests Nathan Fillion for A Fistful of Quarters. Gordon thinks Nathan would be good for a role in the forthcoming dramatization of the recently released documentary, The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters.

They've also begun thinking about a dramatization of the documentary. The outline is approved and the film is eight weeks out from a first draft. "My first idea for Billy was Johnny Depp," Gordon said of the famously mullet-ed arcade legend. "Ed Norton I thought would be good. It's really not about the hair, it's about the eyes. It's got to be a real actor." For Wiebe, Cunningham said he's "partial to Greg Kinnear." Gordon suggested Nathan Fillion from the movie "Waitress."

This documentary [IMDB] is most excellent, IMO, and shouldn't be forgotten were a dramatized version be realized. A precedent is the likewise excellent Dogtown and Z-Boys [IMDB], the historic surf/skateboard documentary narrated by Sean Penn and re-visioned as the dramatized Lords of Dogtown [IMDB]. Btw, Nathan would be sporting a mullet. While this would be very amusing to see, I'd be horrified were he to be typecast... (perish the thought!)
Make it Halo instead of Donkey Kong and Nathan would be in like Flynn...
Nathan would only do it if the film was updated to be about Halo.
I really want to see the documentary.
I hate to be the one to tell you kids, but the Halo movie won't be happening, at least not anytime soon [Cinematical]. And besides, Nathan-as-Master-Chief would be shrouded in a helmet and full body armor most of the film, which IMO would be less preferable than the aforementioned mullet.
napua; the article states they've thought of Fillion in conjunction with Steve Wiebe, the non-mulleted "good guy" of the film, not Billy Mitchell (the dude with the mullet). I was present at a Q&A Cunningham and Gordon did this weekend after the film, and Fillion's name was brought up for Steve there too, amongst others.

The documentary by the way is excellent.
Oh, mea culpa. I read the article and glossed over that. I don't know, I instantly saw Nathan as Billy, in my minds eye. Next I suppose you're going to tell me that Nathan would play the A.I. Cortana in the aforementioned Halo movie.
I dunno, napua...Peter Weller did some awesome work in Robocop, and he was in the armour for most of the film. Add in a few gratuitous scenes with the Master Chief's helmet being off and Nathan would certain get face time. Though from the descriptions I gleaned from the Halo novels, Adam Baldwin is physically built closer to SPARTAN-117 (aka John aka Master Chief) than Nathan is;)

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