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August 21 2007

Willow's new crush. Alyson Hannigan says that Enrique Iglesias wasn't "too bad on the eyes" during his guest appearance on 'How I Met Your Mother'.

But... but Willow isn't into guys anymore! Want proof?

WILLOW: Sexy? I bet he made it sound sexy.
TARA: You thought Dracula was sexy?
WILLOW: Oh! No. He, he was ... yuck.

Okay Freud, so maybe she still has an eye for the dark handsome types...
Haha, quantumac. But don't forget what she has to say about Giles singing...

WILLOW: Now I remember why I used to have such a crush on him.
TARA: Well, he is pretty good.
ANYA: His pleasant.
All three girls are riveted.
XANDER: What?!
WILLOW: Oh, come on. He is kinda sexy.

See, and Giles was singing, and Enrique is a singer...coincidence? I think not.

Plus, Willow's relationship w/ Kennedy proves that she's into the Latin types...

edited for grammatical stupidity.

[ edited by ladygrey on 2007-08-22 01:02 ]
Glad they fixed the Gael as Argentinian thing, early rumblings mulled him as being Brazilian, which wouldn't make sense.
ladygrey ; Good to see that I'm not the only one who thinks Kennedy was Hispanic.

quantumac;Hey I've lawys thought Willow still as itnerested in guysd as she ever was, just not going to act on it.

The p[roblem with this trend of discussion is that ALyson is playing Lily now so it's kind of a topicless topic.
I thought Willow wasn't drivin' stick anymore...
Surely still being interested but not acting on it is being celibate rather than being gay ? Dunno if you can be "single-sex celibate" though.

I guess I see Willow as being gay with some bi leanings (i.e. she can still appreciate an uber sexy bloke but it's gonna take more than "mere" lust to get her to pursue it - that's just not how she rolls anymore).

Still though, how sexy can a bloke called Eric Church really be, eh ? ;)
Hey, the girl is married, not dead. If Aly can smile through the love scenes Alexis had with Stephanie Romanov and Amy Acker, Alexis can take a little harmless ogling.
Some hot love scenes with Stephanie, to be sure, but with Amy? Not so much, sadly.
Too true, Chris in Virginia. Too true. Although there were a few lovely kisses. *Sob.*
The meanest man alive, that Joe Sweden!
Not to mention dead inside.

Can dance some though ;).
Chris in Virginia Saje ;I call Willow an "ex-straight" with deliberate reference to the homosexuals anonyomus groups.

cjl;Yesa, i ahd to lsiten to my ex-wife a lot about Lou Gosset Jr, The Rock, Christophe St. John, etc.
I'm just wishing the best for Aly and Alex.

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