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August 22 2007

Paley Center for Media Fall preview Parties including Chuck, Bionic Woman. Paley Center for Media in Beverly Hills is having FREE fall preview parties during the first few weeks of Sept. Stars may or may not show up, it says surprise guests expected, but at the very least it's a way to show our BDH's some support on their new shows. You need to email to reserve seats, first come and all that.

I really hate California. :( *turns green with envy, or would if she knew how to do it in html*

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These screenings are always great -- they've been doing them for several years -- but I think it will be better if you know in advance what to expect instead of getting there and being disappointed, Teacherdarling. The "surprise guests" are the network executives -- The Suits! -- who come and present the shows. Not glamorous, but they are the Powers That Be, in the sulfurous flesh! ;)

The party is very casual. Usually a liquor company sponsors fancy drinks, like mojitos, and the food is pretty much chips, dips, and sometimes some Chinese noodles or egg rolls or such. There are 3 viewing areas: a traditional auditorium with a small theatre-sized screen; lobby, with food and large TV monitors; and the rooftop patio, with large TV monitors, gas heaters, terribly uncomfortable modern-style loveseats and ottomans and food and bar. A good time is had by all!
thanks Swanland, that sounds like fun, My son and I reserved seats for NBC too so I am ultra excited to see the premiere of Bionic Woman and Chuck, and it will be great to see our favorite actors in their new shows :) and we can still yell out their names and the "suits" will know who we think the talent is LOL
My only regret is that I planned my trip to LA next month around the Emmies. Should have set it a week before, darn it, but this shindig should help the buzz for the new shows.
green with envy ;)
Show-off! *snickers*

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