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August 22 2007

Monday's Unshelved comic has a Firefly shout-out. Though, it doesn't *say* anything about Firefly, so, maybe it's more of a "show-out"? ;)

Otherwise known as "how to convert someone without their knowing".
Very cunning.
The writers are big fans of anything Joss has done, but I do especially appreciate this injoke.
That hat makes her look like an idiot. :)
Of all the wonderfully quirky and funny things in Firefly, I think Jayne's hat is maybe the best.
I dunno Chris inVirginia.....It's a toss up between Jayne's hat and Kayle's "something that doesn't require batteries."

Just sayin'.
I've been a fan of this comic for years.

The problem I'm having is that the person wearing Jayne's hat is vegan. All Jayne hats I've seen are wool.

Do vegan friendly Jayne hats exist? If so, where? I want one.
It looks as though they are making a full week's worth of this story as it continues through today so far. theclynn, there are lots of patterns online, you could knit one!

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