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August 22 2007

Buffy: Issue 5 Inks for Sale. A few black/white pages from Issue 5 for sale.

A bit pricey, but they have Paul Lee's alternate cover for sale too.

Forgive my ignorance of the medium... Is this the original artwork (i.e. only one of each page available)?
Jam2--This is the original production art and yes there's just one of each. Often times when looking at the original pages you can see notes and scribbles. Its interesting to see the pen or marker strokes and small notes between the artist and the writers or editors.

I've seen non-Joss Buffy comic pages sell on ebay for $20-$50 depending on if Scoobies are in the page and how often.

Yes these are a bit pricey for Buffy pages but this is Joss' run and we are talking about making history. How would you like to have an original prop or script from Buffy or Firefly? I'll bet you cant find any of those types of memorabilia for the prices they are asking for this art...and check out that page 2 splash!!! Totally sweet.

Some original art is valuable because of the significance of the page (character first appearances or important storylines) other original art is valuable because the artist is popular. Then you have the classics that have both significant story and popular artist and the prices skyrocket. Look on Ebay and try to buy an original Romita Sr. or Ditko Spiderman page and you'll see what I'm taking about.
If they would have had the Andrew and Vi doing the find a slayer commercial page it woulda been sold!

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How very… quaint.

I thought these days, most graphic artists (or teams of artists) draw on paper, then scan the art, coloring and inking in software. "Inks" end up being just a layer in Photoshop or Painter. I guess there are always hold-outs, people who prefer the older, cheaper tools. Still, in my own efforts, I find the changeability and forgiveness of software far outweighs most of the drawbacks.

Or in other words, "undo" is really tedious when working with physical media. I can imagine deadlines make it worse. One "opps" and you're burning midnight to redo a bunch of art.

I will concede one argument for traditional media, though. You can't sell "original" computer artwork, because every copy is the original.
Interesting. Thanks for the info. Yeah, page 2 is the one that got my attention. =)
This is actually still reasonably affordable for original pages. Also, very, very tempting.

quantumac, sure, digital inking exists, but the majority of comics are still inked traditionally.

Digital inking not only requires the pencils to be very precise, but also to take over all the things an inker adds (varying linewidth to create depth, etc.). If you're talking coloring, yeah, that pretty much all done digitally now.
Wow, page 1's pretty pricey considering only about a quarter of the page actually has any art on it (though I guess all that black used a lot of ink ;).

I think if I was gonna splash for one of these i'd want something a bit denser. Paul Lee's art was fine in the comic but he has Cassaday's ability to make a lot from fairly sparse backgrounds and for that money i'd want art that your eye could find new things in whenever you went back to it.

Re: hand inking, aren't there digital 'pens' to go with tablets that allow the artist to vary thickness and even density much as they can with conventional inking ? I've seen some tablet/pen sets going for hundreds even thousands of pounds, seems like, for that money, they should do a pretty decent simulation of the traditional tools (but with all the advantages a computer brings).
Sage: I've got a $700 tablet (US dollars). It has pressure sensitivity. Some of the newer tablets even have angle measurement of the pen.
I should have said this yesterday but this was a very good find, kudos.

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