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August 23 2007

(SPOILER) Six page preview for Buffy #6. This first part of Brian K. Vaughan's "No Future For You" Buffy season 8 arc will come out on September 5th.

So, Joss didn't write that? I can't wait to see one of BKV's episodes of Lost, next season.
I hear Faith's voice. I feel the childhood trauma (beneathe her . . . cynical heroism? Heroic cynicism?) I smell excellence. Want more. Now.
Wow. That's dark. But that is definitely Faith, and I love that Wood's still around. It's incredible how, even on paper, these characters just leap out at you.
What a great taste of things to come. I am so thrilled about the Faith arc that I couldn't resist treading into spoilers territory, something I usually avoid. I'm with betwixt: Vaughan captures the voices really well. Yeah, Lost is lucky to have him (plus they're also lucky to get the excellent The Wire actor they just signed whose name is mysteriously escaping me.)

I love that Faith is in Cleveland. Love that. Nice to see Robin Wood again, too.

Can anyone tell me when the as yet unknown subtitle for the BtVS S8 series will first appear on the cover of one of these issues? I thought it might be with Issue 6, but evidently not.
Wow, girl's just bad to the bone. The good bad that is ;).

Nicer in colour. Looks pretty decent, i'm hoping Georges Jeanty develops the right edge for his art in this story and keeps up with the evident darkness of the script.
Thats hardcore. Oh Eliza, why did you turn down the Faith spin-off?!?!?! Arrgh!
These are the same six pages that were put online during comic con weekend but now colored aren't they?
Wow, that was awesome. Really great stuff.
These are the same six pages that were put online during comic con weekend but now colored aren't they?

Yep, coloured and legal, it's like a perfect world ;).
Yay! Faith is back. Can't wait to read the rest. Paft-paft-paft!
Oh, man, that's great stuff!

And yeah, you'd think a Faith tv movie would be a no-brainer.

Lots of comicsy fun (and by that I mean, gut-wrenching, abyss-staring terror and dark stories) coming up!
Oh man...this is gonna be great.

As much as I miss Giant Dawn, I'm so excited for the Faith arc. Just the thing for fall!
I hear Faith's voice.

Totally. I was looking forward to this arc anyway, but to see Faith re-established so quickly just adds to that. Looks like a pretty solid start, which always is encouraging.
As I said in that other thread back when the black-and-white pages from Comic-Con were scanned, these are Jeanty's best likenesses yet. Judging from his variant for #6, I thought he didn't get Faith right at all...but here she's absolutely pitch-perfect.

Cannot wait.
Much love to Brian. Even more love to Jeanty -- that looks absolutely frickin' CHERRY.
Mm, those were awesome. And I thought I was anticipating the first arc of season 8...
Loved seeing Faith in action again, though not really getting why ya'll seem to think the likeness is so great. Doesn't look anything like her, imo. I realize "looking like the actor" isn't so important to regular comic readers, but it takes me out of the story a little too much when there isn't even a resemblance.

Story looks really juicy. Can't wait to see how it plays out.
As Ia sked before, is that *real* Cleveland building shown thewre with the bas-reliefs and such?
Oooo. That is fantastic. Faith and Dr. Seuss-- who knew?
All these awesome canon Whedon comics... I don't think my heart can take it...

And may I just say, I do so love that cover. Jo Chen is GODDESS of the artation-ness.
A fantastic start. Looking forward to seeing if the Faith/Robin relationship is explored any further.

I do have to say the photos on the last page made me laugh... gave me images of "All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth" and a vampire Santa. The pafts made me feel like a bad person, though.
Has "paft" been around for a while, or is it new onomatopoeia? Either way, it's nice and distinctive, like Logan's "snikt" and Spidey's "thwip". I like it.

EDIT: Oh, and great pages. Looking forward to read the rest.

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That was fantastic. I was never a big fan of the move to comics, but this was
Oh. My. God. This is really harsh, and I'm totally hooked. Of course I knew I would be (I always was a Faith fan). I'm only sorry that we can't have a Faith cross over w/Spike and Lorne.... But obviously she has other fish to fry (not that she would ever think of frying Betta George).
I am definitely having fun, even though she isn't.

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Aw, thank you for the kindness, everybody! That made my week.

And that is indeed a real structure in my hometown of Cleveland, one of the art deco "Guardians of Traffic" that bookend the beautiful Hope Memorial Bridge, which Georges (who could not possibly be more awesome to work with) absolutely nailed.

Those pafted kiddie vamps are marvellously creepy. Cleveland rocks.
Thanks for the info Brian! Looks cool in pictures.

Seriously can't wait for this arc!
I can't wait for this arc to start.
Ah, The Two Brians in charge of the Buffy/Angel-verse at the moment! In the same place at the same time :-)

Great work, BKV. Wonderful that a Cleveland native gets to write about Cleveland. Great that such a wonderful writer has, uh, nailed Faith so completely!
Looks like I finally need to read "Oh, The Places You'll Go" for the Comp Lit analysis I'm gonna have to do.

September can't come soon enough!
Faith was never a character that I cared much about, but this really peeked my interest. Really excellent stuff.

September 5...first day of classes. I guess I'll reward myself on the way home.
I haven't been very impressed by most of the S8 comics so far. These first 6 pages are pretty well perfect though -- certainly from a script perspective. I like the direction this arc is taking in both what I've read and heard so far. :)

Not too wild about how Faith looks though (besides the cover, which is amazing).
Ah, The Two Brians in charge of the Buffy/Angel-verse at the moment! In the same place at the same time :-)

Actually, has anyone seen them in the same room simultaneously ? Cos you know "Vaughan" is Old English for "hanged without judicial recourse" right ? Sure, I got that from a Christmas cracker, doesn't mean it's not true. I mean, it's not true but that's no reflection on Christmas crackers.

I think the likeness to Faith is kinda variable personally but the feel is spot on (though I think that's in large part also down to the script rather than just the art).
Just what I expected...and that is greatness.
Yeah..okay. I gave into the spoiler lure and....

God, I can't wait. It looks fantastic. Wonderful artwork and Faith and Wood and more Giles and...I'm all excited about this arc now.
Dude, Brian, I live very close to Cleveland. Very cool to know you're a native.
Loved "paft" - and I wanna get "DEET DA DEET" for my ringtone.

That opening shot next to the Deco Traffic Guardian evoked Wings of Desire for me - and Faith always felt like a very fallen angel, so fitting somehow...

Very flavourful sneakpeek - feels just right to me, and how perfect that this One True Slayer Number Two winds up in Cleveland.
Two purple Brians on the same page, I am confused... hahah.. Kidding.

I'm really looking forward to what BKV will do with this arc, and what Faith might experience from this arc.
Thanks for the info, Mr. Vaughan.
September 5th cant come soon enough, I love the preview pages so much, Nice to see Faith and Robin back in action!

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