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August 23 2007

(SPOILER) Talking Faith and Buffy season 8 with Brian K. Vaughan. You've seen his preview, now read his Newsarama interview. It's very good indeed (especially for the reveal of what could be the title for Buffy Season 8).

Is this the first mention of the Season Eight series title, "Twilight"? Or did I miss something?

Faith the Slayer Slayer. I like.
Is this the first mention of the Season Eight series title, "Twilight"?

Yes as far as I can tell. Good call. "Buffy Season 8: Twilight". I like that.


Oh that's what Voll said in #4.
I think it's interesting how BKV was going to do the aborted Faith DVD movie and this was the pitch.Faith hunting a slayer gone bad.That is perfect I think since it brings her character journey full circle in a lot of ways.
It's still not definite--BKV could be referring to the organisation/cult that's being Big Bad. It's probably a safe bet as a title, but not definite.
BKV could be referring to the organisation/cult

That was actually my assumption when I read that part.
I dunno. I see it as the title. It does kinda fit in with "Angel: After The Fall". Joss might be going with a Ragnarok vibe with this new BuffyAngelverse stuff.

Hey this just reminds me of the good old days when the show was still on the air and fans would seize upon a sentence said by a writer or actor and we'd have umpteen different posts and speculation about it. Good times.
I dunno, didn't they say revealing the title waaaaay back on issue 4 or so would've been spoilery? Because if it's Twilight, I'm as clueless as I ever was about what that means.

I think the subtitle should be Faith the Slayer Slayer. Actually, they should just rename the series altogether...
There's another article which oddly seems drawn from the same discussion despite apparently being written by two different people for two different sites.

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That's... really weird.
I can't wait for this to come out. But it's kind of disappointing that it is a comic, rather than a tv movie.
Wow, that makes the arc sound even better. To think the darkness of the previewed pages is just a prelim and Faith ends up being set to catch the proverbial thief. "Fighting fire with fire" never really made much sense to me. Until now ;).

(Faith seeing, in some ways, the earlier incarnation of herself gives her a lot of opportunities for consideration and self-realisation. I kind of see the same possibilities for poignant, wry self-examination as "Damage" afforded Spike and Angel - loads of character potential)

Was the Newsarama interview maybe part of a round-table ? Cos that'd explain why the two articles seem so similar (I don't think either claims an exclusive "one-to-one chat").

And "Twilight" could be the organisation or the subtitle. I like it as the subtitle cos it falls in roughly with my crazy-out-of-nowhere wild guess "Gotterdammerung" and Joss' cryptic clues about Fray cropping up somewhere ('Twilight' of the Gods -> end of magic -> Fray). And the cult symbol also looks like twilight, meaning the evening star or Venus is an intrinsic part of it - traditionally a sign of female power.
Well, the way that the Cult/Organization thingy is using it is that they feel that the rise of the Slayers means the "twilight" of the human race and that's what they're trying to prevent. Fitting in with a certain government's current philosophy, they are pre-emptively striking a force that they believe will eventually cause harm, even if they aren't doing so now.

But I'm sure Twilight is just a tool for a bigger, badder something else. They are pawns in a much larger game which (I believe) has been going on since way before Buffy Season 1.

But I shouldn't get started on my crazy theories.

At first, I agreed with FaithFan -- I would've rather seen this on a screen of some size. But comics at their best can be utterly incredible: WATCHMEN, CONCRETE, LOVE & ROCKETS, MIRACLEMAN, SANDMAN, to just name a few. I'm confident with Joss guiding this series, it's going to be a doozy and do a lot of things that the show could not. It'll all be worth it.
If it's "Twilight", Saje, you really nailed it! But I'm not seeing how that would have been spoilery, especially early on.

Which was the issue where it was to be revealed? Wasn't a specific Issue number given? -I'm almost certain it was.
Which was the issue where it was to be revealed? Wasn't a specific Issue number given? -I'm almost certain it was.

It was. But then it changed (or maybe the first mention was mis-reported). At this point, I don't know when it's supposed to happen.
I love BKV's stories so much, I didn't think it was possible to be more excited to read his Faith arc until I read this interview and saw how much of a Buffy geek he really is. I think he's going to bring a helluva lot to this series, and I hope he breaks his new "creator owned only" rule to do another arc some day.

I hope Buffy fans who are new to comics like BKV's arc so much they run out to buy his other fabulous books. I recently read his fascinating Midnighter issue that can be read either forwards or backwards, and I'm currently reading his Doctor Strange mini, which has one of the funniest opening pages I've read in a long time. But it is his work on Y: The Last Man and Runaways that really made me a BKV fan for life.
If it's "Twilight", Saje, you really nailed it!

Proof if it were needed of the "infinite monkeys" theorem. If it turns out to be the case I might just approach all future problems by random guessing.

"But m'lord, I randomly guessed the speed limit, I must be right !" ;-).
The thought of following Joss on something keeps me awake at night, and as a massive Buffy geek, I hope I donít let my fellow fans down.

Given the preview pages and the awesomeness that is his other comic work, I say there's no WAY he'll let us down. I'm so very excited about this story!
Well, I came away from that interview as a huge BKV fan and I'd never read anything from him before! That is, until I had had a look-see at the amazing first pages of #6. Yowza. Fantastic start to what looks like a fantastic arc. Hearing about his massive Buffy devotion thrilled me. When those besides Joss are writing in the 'verse, I like to know that they love the world and its characters. (How cool was it, by the way, to hear of Joss's continuing massive involvement, what with 10 pages of notes? I love that.)

I read the mention of "Twilight" as a subtitle. I'm with Saje on its larger meanings in re: Fray. Fascinating. Since Joss announced at Comic-Con that he'll be doing more Fray stuff, this "Twilight" thing makes even more sense (to me, anyway.) But spoilery it is not.

I hope at least the first part of Runaways is available as a TPB. I've gotta check this BKV fellow's work out. Stat.

Lost is so lucky to have him (and Goddard).

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It's funny, I was just thinking--

For a Buffy fan interested in BKV, I'd recommend Runaways.

For a Firefly fan interested in BKV, I'd recommend Y: The Last Man.

So does that match up Angel and Ex Machina? I didn't think so at first, but looking at the Wolfram and Hart setting in S5, it makes a nice fit after all.

phlebotinin, Runaways is available in very affordable digests collecting 6 issues each, or if you're willing to spend the money, there's the over-sized hardcovers on much better paper--the first one collects the entire 18-issue first 'season.'

Oh, and as a bonus the first hardcover includes extras, like this fan letter they got from a guy called Whedon. :-)
Where would 'Pride of Baghdad' fit in the Jossverse? I've been really impressed with BKV's range, he definitely has some interesting things to say.... I'm just glad that some of those things will be said by Faith!
I'm actually waiting for the softcover for Pride (which should be announced any day now, DC, you hear me?) but... anthropomorphic characters? How about Toy Story? :-)

And of course they've both done some X-Men work.
I like it as the subtitle cos it falls in roughly with my crazy-out-of-nowhere wild guess "Gotterdammerung" and Joss' cryptic clues about Fray cropping up somewhere ('Twilight' of the Gods -> end of magic -> Fray).

Saje, you've opened up my brain - in the good way!

Now, all this talk about comic series titles - I don't get it. I'm new to comics, but I can grok the idea of a title for a series - but is it standard to not name the series until after it's out? Which I guess makes the title reveal part of the narrative?

Comically Clueless

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