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August 24 2007

Joss on whether Serenity is this generation's Star Wars. "It's like comparing apples to... unbelievably HUGE apples".

We got to put the River Tam sessions on it, which is a video thing I did that doesnít exist anywhere, so Iím glad that it has a home finally.

Doesn't exist anywhere? Hrmph. I mean, I know what he means. But hrmph!

But no, I know what he means, and I agree of course. Heh.

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(Joss re: Serenity) "It has spaceships chasing each other, and it is necessary in life that spaceships chase each other.Ē

Ain't that a fact, Jack. It's a basic human need, like renting a car, or buying shoes.

(It's okay, b!x, I know that the sessions have had a good home here for lo! these many moons...)
Is there another link to this interview? There seems to be a problem with the Film School Rejects website...
*small voice* I like Serenity better...
I don't think it's a question of which one is better though obviously you can like snails and oysters at the same time. But rather which film has had the bigger impact. Star Wars still has the edge (by a considerable margin) but give it a few years and it'll be interesting to see if directors, writers and actors cite Serenity as one of their major influences. I'd like to think that'll happen.
I just got in, after numerous tries. Nice little piece here. And sometimes, small apples are much tastier than huge apples.
"And this above all, unto thine own self be true. And it must follow as the spaceship the other spaceship that thou canst be false to no man."
- William Shakespeare, early draft of 'Hamlet', 1601.

Even the Bard knew it was an essential part of human existence. And i'm totally not making that up (though by "not" I do admittedly mean " ").

As Simon says being this generation's 'Star Wars' isn't to do with quality necessarily or even preference, as Joss points out it's to do with cultural/industry impact and 'Serenity's was (sadly) nowhere near 'Star Wars's's's. If I had to pick a recent film that fits the bill i'd probably say 'The Matrix'. Like 'Star Wars', not particularly new ideas but the implementation ? Fuggedaboutit. Mindblowing would spring to mind (if it hadn't been blown).

(and yeah, small apples are often more juicy and also easier to take bites from and anyway, can't all shapes and sizes of apple just get along ? Surely there's room in the world for all types ? Except Bramleys, those bastards)
LMAO @saje's cooking apple rage.

For what it's worth I'd say Serenity was a Cox Orange Pippin - crisp, juicy and a little bittersweet - Star wars more of a bland golden delicious.
Star Wars may have been a REALLY big apple compared to Serenity, but Serenity developed a respectable following not due to word of mouth leading to long lines at theaters, but word of mouth leading to strong DVD sales nearly two years after the premiere. The fact we have a new Special Edition proves that.
That's no apple... it's a space station...
The only thing worse than finding a reaver in your apple, is finding half a reaver?

OK, this isn't the apple your were looking for. Move along, move along!
From a cultural perspective there is no comparison. Ask anyone in the street to name a Star Wars character and you will likely get a correct answer whereas ask them to name a Serenity character and you will get an awful lot of blank faces. Sad but true.

Personally I never liked Star Wars and still think it is somewhat overrated. Best science fiction of it's time? Possibly, but it's time was a long time ago (in a galaxy far, far away...). Concepts like Stargate, Farscape and the new Battlestar Galactica blow Star Wars out of the water and Firefly, despite it's oh-so-short run, tells a story and gives us heroes that interest me far more than anything Star Wars offered.

I hope that in the future Serenity will achieve the kind of status that Star Wars currently has. It absolutely deserves to. Just as long as that won't mean that in twenty years time we will be getting the prequel movie, Serenity: The Phantom Reaver.

Actually, I'd probably watch it... ;)
Stay on apple, stay on apple !
Serenity: The Phantom Apple?
Saje, your entire post above, from the, ahem, early draft, through to the bit about Bramleys, was classic. Just had to give props.
Serenity is just as good to me... now give me five more movies (like Star Wars has )... or I'd settle for one
Just no Griswalds in dem apples, okay?
Ah, Saje, Saje, the Bard himself was not so intolerant:

DUKE OF BRAMLEY: If you peel us do we not bleed?
If you pick us do we not cry?
If you bite us do we not die?
And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?
- William Shakespeare
early draft of 'The Merchant of Winesap', 1595.

'Ware the Apple Scorned, my friend.
An apple by any other name...
I 'ware the apple; it does not 'ware me.
I would think Serenity is closer to Blade Runner than it is to anything else. Not in a story sense, but in cultural impact, which is to say neither were box office success stories but Blade Runner has (and Serenity has the potential to) become very influential.

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