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August 24 2007

(SPOILER) More information on Nathan Fillion's role in Desperate Housewives. Contain spoilers for the new season and include a small promo pic with Nathan in it.

I knew about Nathan and Dana Delany, but Grandma Walton, too? For some reason that makes me smile.
For a second Sassafras, I was thinking (in the best possible way ;) "How the hell is Grandma Walton still alive ?". Sadly, she isn't. The aunt is played by Ellen Geer who was in the Waltons for a couple of episodes. Ellen Corby who played Grandma Walton died in 1999 (still a very decent innings at about 88 yo).

I may watch this though I doubt I can be bothered to catch up on all the episodes i've missed (i.e. the second and third seasons ;).
Oops, well no wonder no one was talking about it then. Of course after a hurried trip over to IMDB, I discovered that she is Grandpa Walton, er Will Geer's daughter, so I confabulated the names. Possibly because I'm getting nearly as old as Grandma Walton. Le sigh.
I may watch this though I doubt I can be bothered to catch up on all the episodes i've missed (i.e. the second and third seasons ;).

Unless you have around forty hours of your life that you REALLY don't want to put to any good use then I would probably skip seasons two and three, Saje. If I can advise others away from the terrible loss of time I experienced watching that awful show then some good will come out of it, at least. ;)

Sadly, even the entire cast of Serenity making an appearance on Desperate Housewives couldn't get me to watch that series again. Sorry, Nathan. This is one I'll have to pass on.
Hmmm...OB/GYN previous trouble in Chicago...or was it a small town "Waitress" somewhere?
Damit, damit, damit! I wasn't going to watch this show, but now with Nathan I gotta. This kind of show isn't my cup of tea. I'll take any chance to see Nathan acting, though.
If I was waiting to be seen by a new gyno, and the doctor walked in and looked like Nathan Fillion? I'd get up off the table, get dressed, go to the desk, cancel my appointment, and RUN out the door because that man is FINE.
ABC has a video of the new cast members up. Select Desperate Housewives and it'll come up. Nathan appears 45 seconds in...and they spelled his name wrong.
If anybody wants the article in print, it is in the Aug 27-Sept. 2, 2007 TV Guide. Picture online is cropped headshots of picture in TV Guide. page 34.

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