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August 24 2007

Browncoat Cruise sold out? So says the mailing list this morning, due to a combination of sales and no longer having access to the original number of cabins. Oddly, there appears to be no announcement on their forums, nor on the Cruise website, and the sales/reservations pages remain up.

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still wish i could have gone on that but maybe next time
Wait, are you saying they cut the number of cabins that were available? Lets be clear please.
The linked message is clear on that point, saying that they no longer have from the cruise line the number of rooms originally reserved.
It's not unusual for cruise ships to reclaim rooms when they are 3 monthes out from sailing, from groups if they have not booked quota. The cruise company can get more money out of the cabins, than the browncoats can, they will offer discounts off the regular price of a cruise. Hopefully it doesn't cost the guys putting on the Browncoat portion more in the end, than they anticipated.
That explanation sounds a bit different than the message's assertion that the cruise line "reneged" on the rooms.
I just posted the following on the messageboard:

"Unless the cruise line can come up with more rooms, yup. [We're sold out.]

For the record, we reserved 253 rooms, but due to them overbooking, they could only give us less than 100 of those rooms. Needless to say we aren't happy. I've heard of airlines overbooking by 20% or so, but to overbook by 150% is a bit much. We have just enough rooms for the bookings we have.

If some of the other groups that have rooms reserved cancel any, they will give them to us. So, I'll be posting a waiting list form this weekend for those that want to join us, should any rooms become available.

FYI, if you were planning to bunk up with somebody who's already got a room and has a bed available, but haven't actually done so please contact me right away so we can get your reservation solidified."

We'll be updating the website and posting more details this weekend. And yes, this is going to make it challenging to break even - though we are in the ballpark.

All this being said, the cruise will be going ahead as planned, and we've received enough VIP donations to pay for one more LDH, we are checking with various agents and will make an announcement as soon as we book them.

Thanks again to all those that booked, we look forward to a fun event!
Rats. I was planning to reserve a cabin. Guess I shouldn't have waited.
We'll be updating the website and posting more details this weekend.

Okay, but seriously -- it's Saturday morning PST now, and the Browncoat Cruise sales page (direct de-framed link here) still seems to be very much up and running -- and very much un-updated.

Unless I'm missing something, if I hadn't read this Whedonesque post, couldn't it still separate me from several hundred dollars of my money?

I'm a big fan of the whole "Browncoat Cruise" notion, and I understand that this is a big logistical mess not of your making. I'm just saying. At least turn off the shopping cart.

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Yeah, this took us by surprise. We would have like to have known sooner, that this could be a posibility. Sorry for those that were planning to come, but my not be able to now. Be sure to contact us directly and get on our waiting list should more cabins become available.

The shopping cart is now turned off. (I was trying to avoid getting my hand slapped by my web person, since she hates it when I make changes without her, but she's unavailable this weekend. However, you are right, this is a big enough deal that I've broken the rules, and updated the site.)

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