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August 24 2007

(SPOILER) New, younger, handsome gynecologist husband. "Behind the Scenes" video about the new characters in "Desperate Housewives". There's a lot of Dana Delany, a little of Nathan Fillion.

It's like "Pasadena", only with good ratings.

More of Delany, but Nathan is funny!
It appears that our captain is getting type-casted as a good-looking gynecologist (Waitress anyone?) Not that I'm complaining, but DH...yesh. I'll still watch of course, I am very Fillion-whipped.
Fillion-whipped. Hahahaha. I'm on board with that.

They spelled his name wrong. Unbelievable.
I like how he is diving right in to this role.
Ok, does this mean that I no longer have to count DH as a guilty pleasure if I'm watching it for the Fillion?
BrowncoatG | August 25, 04:42 CET
Ok, does this mean that I no longer have to count DH as a guilty pleasure if I'm watching it for the Fillion?


Yes! Also, as a Browncoat, you can steer any DH watchers you come across towards Firefly/Serenity. The more people see of our Big Darn Heroes work, the more people want to see of their work...which leads them back to Firefly/Serenity.

And if you know any people who read the TV Guide, you can ask them if they saw the article about the new neighbors on DH in the August 27-sept 2, 2007 TV Guide.
i'm glad nathan's getting more roles in top programs. let's hope that it lasts.
and browncoatg i hope your right about desperate houswives fans lovin nathan and then joining the firefly/serenity lovers.

I think Nathan's onto something with the gynecologist thing.
Okay, deep down I know that that was Nathan and not the character, but after watching that clip, I suddenly have a desperate urge to watch these housewives. (And their gynecologist.)
First, that was awesome. Second, I say let her go. She's a free spirt inflight. Who are we to hold her down?

I rather see her sail free....
I now have to watch two TV shows I previously never had an interest in because of NF (Desperate Housewives) and JM (Without a Trace). Not that I'm complaining!

Hopefully I'll be able to understand what's going on.
Hah, awesome. There was actually a lot more Fillion than I expected in that clip.

I love how whoever edited it recognized that Nathan is a funny guy, and did the back and forth thing during the "diving into his work" bit.

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