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August 25 2007

Joss Whedon in Robot Chicken. Wait till the end credits finish. Priceless viewing.

I was starting to wonder, but yeah, it was worth the wait. =)
Nice. Very nice.
Robot Chicken is always worth it! :D
what great comedy. LOVE JOSS!!!!!
yes... YES.... YES!!!!

That grr argh guy is an inside joke for me and my friends, and we were howling at that.
Heh, heh. So happy to see Joss as his wonderful self. He cracks me up every time. Great find, Simon:)
I just saw it on the site. When I saw Joss' name in the credits, I tried to figure out which sketch he was in...then his sketch showed up. I'll never look at the old Mutant Enemy logo the same way again. Classic!!
But I wonder if JJ Abrams will try to get his Bad Robot a cameo on the show?
Classic, Joss, classic.
Bwahahhahaa! Loved it!
Great stuff.

And Robot Chicken has gotten way better since the first season, at least judging by this clip.
So THAT'S why they call him Dick...
We-e-ll, now I know why Robot Chicken hasn't been added to my "must-see-TV" list, but the Mutant Enemy spoofage was indeed amusing.
It won't load for me! The commercial does, but not the main event.
That happened to me, if you wait the commerical will load again and then the show starts.
Hey Lioness. What's your take on this?
Love Joss. Love "Grr. Argh" guy. Love Robot Chicken. But most of all...

Love Seth. They don't call me "OzLady" for nothin'! :-)
How cute! That's why I heart Joss, his sense of humor.
That was amazing...I want
The funny thing about "Grr. Argh." is that I've now seen so many Whedon shows on the bigscreen at the Mission Theater, that I can only hear it in my head being said by 200 people at once.
Does anyone think that Joss' atheism or insufficient cheeriness hurts him with the mainstream suits? If you don't know why I'm saying this, listen to the ending again.
On another issue, I wonder about all the jokes about males fearing comparisons to women and gays. The worst/funniest thing is for a man to be dressed like a woman or mistaken for a woman. (But girls can wear male costumes without other girls harassing them.) And the idea that a man might be gay is done as a joke, too.
If this is making fun of guys who are uncomfortable with women and gays, do the guys watching it get that? Or, do they sit there thinking, "Yeah, how gay! Hahahaha. He had to wear pink! Damn, that's the worst. Hahahahaha!"
I personally believe the majority of guys who watch Robot Chicken "get it."
Am I wrong, or was Joss the FCC guy, too?
Uh...has anyone besides myself and Lioness had problems viewing this? Cuz all I get the is Sonic ad twice before an error message shows up. Any way to see this on YouTube or Veoh?
Well, I finally got it to work and lo and behold, before the credits roll it went back to the advert which I think I may have seen 6.3 million times then choked (yet again) on loading.

Consequently i've no idea whether Joss was funny or not but man, I could murder a burrito.

(the BSG skit was good, and the Worst Halloween had some laughs, especially at the end)
You got to see the BSG skit? My clip didn't have that bit.
Almost peed my pants with that one.
I can't believe nobody's mentioned the fact that the dude who turns into a car is named BRETT MATTHEWS!!!
You got to see the BSG skit? My clip didn't have that bit.

In that case it wasn't just good, it was bloody brilliant ;).
Did anyone else notice in the production credits, that Supergirl was credited as Sarah Gellar? LOL
I loved the skits already listed, plus the lonely unicorn bit and Rainbow Brite.

Joss is just freaking adorable.

For those having trouble viewing on adultswim, it's on youtube, too.
Part 1 and Part 2.
Sarah gets a different weird credit at the end of every episode. :)
This was fraktastic. I, too, was wondering if I'd missed Joss's voice in one of the skits, then the final scene had me laughing out loud.

Did anyone else notice in the production credits, that Supergirl was credited as Sarah Gellar? LOL

jlp beat me to it - yeah, every episode has both Sarah and Mila Kunis credited with some hilarious moniker - even if their voices aren't actually in the episode. But they are in quite a few of the sketches - especially in season one.
I'm pretty sure Joss is the FCC guy, as well as the guy who goes, "Ricky's going as Elton John this year!"
I just love that little Joss demon.
"Oh no...Armpit's gonna rape Randy..."

"What the f**k are they saying?"


[ edited by Vince on 2007-08-25 22:02 ]
Thanks for the clarification, jlp and clarkkent179. I can't believe I've never taken the time to look at the credits on the show before! I had also noticed Mila Kunis credited at Wonder Woman just after Sarah's credit!

I can't help but smile thinking how great it is that so many of the Buffy vets are staying in touch and continuing to work together on some level. They are clearly having lots of fun, so it's a credit to Joss' and his team's casting abilities--they found talented actors who are nice, too!
Buffy vets?

I'm going to hush my mouth and sleep on that one a bit.
Well, I've tried many times now and it just doesn't work for me, it just shows me the ad again and again. Is this the latest episode as aired? I watch Robot Chicken most weeks, so I'll just catch it on the next torrent if it is.
While the Grr, Argh! bit at the end was fantastic, my favorite sketch by far was the Rainbow Brite one. I think I actually squealed a little when I saw they were referencing her origin story, which is one of my favorite bits of animation from my childhood. Oh Wisp...
Isn't the BSG skit the one where the guy has to take a "frackin' shark"?

[ edited by FaithsTruCalling on 2007-08-26 00:27 ]
Yeah, but I'm pretty sure it's "frakkin' shart."

This was enjoyable in so many ways for so many reasons. The Argh Monster & Atheist Joss stuff was wonderful... And that was "SOME ADVERTISING PIG." "Rainbow Brite" also brightened up my day.

Wow, Tahmoh Penikett ("Lt. Karl C. 'Helo' Agathon"), Tahmoh Penikett ("Lt. Karl C. 'Helo' Agathon") and Katee Sackoff ("Captain Kara 'Starbuck' Thrace") all appeared. The second I heard Hogan's voice, I was willing to bet serious cashy-type money that it was he - in the BSG scene and elsewhere. He has an unmistakable way of pronouncing certain syllables, and that voice was hitting all of 'em.

No problem playing the clips - good fun all around.
Can't get it to play past the advertisement...sob...
Never thought I would have a reason to watch "Robot Chicken". Didn't expect it to be quite so entertaining,
I couldn't open it on adultswim either.
However, the YouTube link from orphea worked. Thanks!

That was freakin' priceless, and just how I always imagined Joss in his office- playing around on the floor with his 'grr argh' monster and (not shown) his figures.
Yep, thanks orphea, those links worked a treat.

The second I heard Hogan's voice, I was willing to bet serious cashy-type money that it was he - in the BSG scene and elsewhere.

"Ah Sato, you're fantastically offensive" tipped me in Pt 2, definitely Michael Hogan's voice on that one I reckon (funny too ;) - he has one of the more distinctive voices on the show, maybe cos he has the most pronounced Canadian accent ?

And Joss with "Grrr ... Aaaargh" the director's cut, most amusing. Also, can I just say well done to Joel Silver for taking a stand against the forces of evil ? Close one, cheers big fella.
Pretty sure Hogan was also "man boobs" in the Dick Tracy sketch.
Bahaha, they just ran it on Adult Swim. BSG, Rainbow Bright, and Joss, of course! Pretty good stuff... Frakken good, excuse me:)
"I always imagined Joss in his office- playing around on the floor with his 'grr argh' monster."

Now that's just disturbing. :P

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