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August 25 2007

A fan tribute to James Marsters, in photos of expression. This book (filled with the many faces of James taken by the fans over the years), will be given to Mr. Marsters at Dragoncon next weekend. If you are going to Dragoncon and you want to sign the book you can find out when here.

Here is the short details if you want to sign the book.

"So, I will set up camp in Casablanca Lounge. Seems like a place to meet on Thursday night.

Hours: Thursday 4:00 PM - 2:00 AM

What does anyone think about my bringing the book with me on Friday night to the party? I'd need to keep it hidden, but it might be fairly easy to do. There'd be a number of James fans there, I'd suspect..."

Do youknow if there will be ANY other chances to sign? I'd like to, but I won't be there Thursday and am not going to the party Friday...

Edited to add... The book looks incredible, she should look into publishing it for fans, talk about something nice to have _him_ sign...

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She will be at the Q&A and I think she will have it with her you could catch her there. If you go to the site and click on her picture it will take you to her other photos, including her photo ops with James. That way you know who to look for.
WOW.... thatís just... wow!

It says it all. So perfectly.
Hi there. De-lurking to answer questions. Although I will be at the Friday night party and plan to have the book with me, after the party I will be returning to the Hilton and heading to the bar. If it's closed by the time I get back, I'll plant myself in the lobby. I'll be wearing a red t-shirt that says "Sign the book" in an Angel-like font. If I'm not there (deciding to stay and dance a bit longer), I'll send my husband. He, too, will have a red t-shirt that says the same thing. We won't wear them to the party, but when we're specifically on book-signing duty we will. As RavenU said, I will (hopefully -- assuming I get in line early enough) be at the Q & A. If not, I'll be outside the room complaining that I didn't get in. I have long blond hair, am on the heavy side and sometimes wear glasses.

I plan to be in the parade on Saturday morning (I'll be dressed as school girl Darla as long as I remember the costume.)

If you stick to the Whedon track you're sure to run into me and if you stick to the James events, even more so. If anyone wants to ask any questions feel free to email me at

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Wow that's really impressive
Really gorgeous work. I'm not sure that I should admit this, but I can identify the photographer's who took almost every shot, from various JM fan forums. For that matter I probably have every one of them in my own collection.
Every actor should be so lucky as to have so many truly talented photogs as fans, including RavenU of course. :)

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