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"Are you saying I'm some sort of Viking?"
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August 25 2007

Official Ship's Papers from QMx on sale now. The Official Serenity Ship's Papers from QMx are on sale now. It's a set of 13 full-color sheets of various sizes up to 8-1/2″ x 14", designed by fan favorite replica artisan Ben "Whitefall" Mund based on designs from "Serenity" with input from "Serenity" graphic designer Geoff Mandel.

The certificates are hand stamped with the official seals of the Alliance and hand signed in English and Chinese by the appropriate Alliance officials.

The documents contain endorsements required to operate a variety of ship systems along with system maps, operating licenses, safety inspections and a wealth of background material on what it takes to operate a Firefly-Class Transport in the ‘Verse.

C'mon tonight's Powerball drawing!
Remember reading somewhere that there are signature spaces for the Captain and crew. You know for autographs.
There's a passenger and crew roster page that was deliberately put in for easy autograph collecting. You can see all the pages here.
"Angel" shout out

The Guild-Representative Chinese signature on Sheet Eight isn't a name but the word "tianshi," or "angel." That's cute.
Gorramit, someone in Indiana won Powerball. mine. Might have nabbed #1 of the limited issue, but who knows with these "get it now before it's all gone! kinds of deals?


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