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August 25 2007

Some Lucky person can win Sarah Michelle Gellar's look. SMG is on the cover of Lucky magazine this month, a magazine about shopping. You can enter and win the outfit she wore on the cover. The magazine is on store shelves now.

That makeup color palette fits me, but who wants to wear a granny sweater with a satin dress? Not the best fashion choice, imo.

Is it just me, or does Sarah not seem so comfy when asked to do a fashion layout? She seems comfortable enough in her own skin and clothing, but always comes off a bit awkward in fashion pics. Especially at premiers and 'impromptu' appearances.
I think she is a bit shy around crowds. She has said many times that she feels uncomfortable at large press events and premiers. Like most of us, she is not fond of talking about herself amongst a group of strangers. I think it is one thing to be onstage in front of an audience in character and a complete other thing to be public speaking infront of a crowd.

As for photoshoots, she seems to do better when she has worked with the photographer before. Both the 2004 EW photoshoot and the 2004 Esquire calendar photoshoot were photographed by James White. In both those photoshoots, Sarah was playing a group of characters. She was either a victim in a horror movie, or imitating a fifties portrait.
Lucky magazine really did a really bad job covering Sarah. The cover shot was the best picture in the magazine. The two other pictures in the inside were photoshopped to death. LOL I actually didn't recognize Sarah in one photo.

BTW. There is a lovely photo in September's Instyle.
Who would want that outfit?


Whoa, a SMG made to order. May I place two orders?

No Willowy, isn't just you. Been wondering about that one as well.
Don't think i'll enter, purple doesn't really go with my eyes.

It's not the worst outfit in the entire world IMHO but it's not exactly haute couture either. However, 2.5 big is 2.5 big no matter how it's sliced and there's always Ebay ;).
Saje, you look charming in purple. Now trying to figure out that 2.5 puzzle thingy. Hmm...
BTW. There is a lovely photo in September's Instyle.

Yes, the 'What's Sexy Now' layout. Now that's a great photo of Sarah. :)

A scan of it was posted at smgboard:

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I think it's pretty. Of course I'm not a size zero so I wouldn't fit into the dress but hey....It's cute.
I'll admit it... I entered. I like the colors and I already know that the dress looks good on petite people.
Did you check out their blog? I was doin' fine until I stumbled upon their "Baby Essential" link. Okay, maintaining a straight face....holding it,right? Still holding...not even a crack....

Oh Gods, give me some O2! Now, my chair is malfunctioning again. Evil chair!
So, Madhatter, are you saying you would shortchange a hypothetical or abstract baby by failing to purchase your $458 leather Marc Jacobs changing bag, complete with a 12" x 23" waterproof changing pad, and a waterproof logo lining?

I'm not sure a baby can be properly taken care of without one, you... cheapskate. It's essential.
Actually I think not buying that stuff is tantamount to neglect. Just imagine the therapy required when poor little Crispin discovers that his changing bag was only goatskin and, horror of horrors, without protective metal feet. Nightmare.

Saje, you look charming in purple. Now trying to figure out that 2.5 puzzle thingy. Hmm...

Cheers 'Hatter, i'll remember that if I ever consider owning purple clothing ;).

(answer to yesterday's puzzle: the clothes are worth - or rather cost - $2,500, which in the hep, street argot what I done just made up is "2.5 big". Ebay is just 'Ebay' - there's no street word for it cos it's online only ;)

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