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August 26 2007

Save Buffy Figures: Buy-A-Figure Day. Two Buffy forums have come together to "Save Buffy Figures." and are organizing a BUY-A-FIGURE FROM DST DAY. This comes after the news that the figure line is experiencing possible cancellation.

The date of the event is August 29th. More details at the link provided.

Buffy action figures? Who would have thunk it?
I've never actually bought a Joss-related action figure. That makes me feel bad.
Is this really a cause?
I mean are these figures especially wonderful? You know, okay if you like them and all that- they don't seem all that special to me.
Seems like a person could do more with his/her money than buy an action figure they didn't like enough to buy before, on principle, or something. Am I just being grumpy, or is this a confusing idea for rallying around? Who does it benefit, apart from the merchant?
Maybe I just got out of the wrong side of bed...

[ edited by toast on 2007-08-26 21:35 ]
Who does it benefit? Fans who like the action figures. The old ones were better than the new ones, but they're still ok. There are so many things of Buffy that are being cancelled and I want that to stop. The Magazine, the books, and now possibly the figures?

Also, it seems like they might be working on a deal to lower the prices that day.
I own quite a few Buffy action figures, but I had to stop getting them, they take up a lot of space to store and can be a serious waste of money. I don't dislike these (but the cheap joints kind of show they are really substandard), in fact I love the props (I would buy a Slayers' Scythe), but I have had to draw the line on buying stuff (I must confess that I did recently buy a Christopher Eccleston/Doctor Who doll, I am weak).
bl, do you have something to say?
Does bl mean me? I don't get the question.
I don't want any of the ones listed... They look a good deal like crap.
The only thing that sucks is Gunn never got a figure, and is clearly the only character from either show who had that much of a long term role to be without one.
No Buffysmglover, it was towards another member. Forgive me for the error:)
I'm the "bl" Madhatter was referring too. I changed my screen name awhile back but a lot of the old timers still refer to me as "bl".

In response to Madhatter, I don't collect the smaller figures and only collected Sideshow's 12" figures. Sideshow has unfortunately stopped making them and is now pushing the Premium Format figures. And those are way beyond my price range - unless they make an Illyria! So I feel for those of you who love collecting these. I was very upset when Sideshow announced no more Buffy or Angel figures. Especially the Angel news because they had just started up that line and we only got Angel, Cordy and Lorne.
I must have got out of the same side of the bed as toast. My first thought was that this was some kind of a spoof (or a sneaky piece of marketing).
I have EVERY Buffy and Angel action figure in the 6 inch scale (and a lot of the 12 inch). I love collecting them, and I was devastated when they canceled the Judge wave at the 11th hour. It was scheduled to be released at the end of THIS month. The fans aren't asking them to continue making new figures (although we would welcome a Gunn and a Harmony or two), we just want them to release the figures that they had planned and showed us, then canceled.

As fans of Joss Whedon, I would think that everyone here, whether they like something or not, would be sympathetic to fans when they loose something they love and have a passion for. Some of your posts were kind of frustrating to read. If you don't like something, fine, just have a little respect for those that do like it.
I collect the six-inchers, but haven't bought one in close to a year. Would love an Illyria but important life stuff (requiring $$) keeps preventing me from indulging.

I hope this latest fan endeavor goes well, and it works. Everybody wins!
The only thing that I collect are Buffy/Angel/Firefly figures. I understand that the quality of the figures have dwindled a lot but I am still into it. It's my money, I feel I can do whatever the heck I want with it....and I do. Some call it a "waste", I call it a hobby. It could be worse. I could be spending my money on Charmed action figures *shudders!*
Jinxieman said: "As fans of Joss Whedon, I would think that everyone here, whether they like something or not, would be sympathetic to fans when they loose something they love and have a passion for. Some of your posts were kind of frustrating to read. If you don't like something, fine, just have a little respect for those that do like it."
I'm kind of confused, personally my opinion was merely an expression of whether or not I would be buying these; it was never meant to be any kind of disrespect to anyone else buying them. When someone links something here at Whedonesque we all feel free to give our own opinions, and I don't see why my saying I cannot afford to waste (a term that evidently seems offensive to death is my gift) my money on them is taken as being unsympathetic to those of you who can afford it.
To be clear: we all have our hobbies and we all spend what we think we can afford. More power to those of you who can afford to collect these.
Don't take this for gospel, but Diamond has solicited the next round of Buffy figs (Willow and Kennedy) for release this Wednesday. Maybe they're behind the times, but there's also a strong chance that some of these figs may actually make it to shelves.

The link for Diamond solicitations is here:
Embers, My comment had nothing to do with yours. I thought your's was very respectful. I would agree, especially with the Xander/Cordy wave that the joints were cheap, they would stick and break. DST did fix that problem with Glory and the Giles/Faith line. The scale of some of the females has also been an issue with DST. But I still enjoy collecting the figures and I think the Judge wave looked great...provided that Dursilla didn't come out too tall like Fred, Illyria, Cordy, and Glory.

Also NimNams, the Deluxe line hasn't been canceled yet (although a new wave has not been announced and none of the Willow Variants are scheduled to be released). The Willow/Kennedy Wave should be in stores on Wednesday. I already have the PX Kendra, she came out last week.

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