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August 26 2007

This year's breakout stars. A Chicago Sun-Times writer picks Summer Glau as one of next season's breakout performers.

Cheers to Matt for the heads up.

That's a nice little plug for Summer and for the show. I'm looking forward to seeing Summer in this.

And I saw my first introduction to Chuck today on television in one of NBC's 30-minute introductions to the new season, and the show looks interesting. I hope both shows do well this season, so two more of our favorite stars have steady gigs.
Must agree, that girl is shining with talent. Understand the spark Joss saw within her.
Yay for Katee, too! Bionic Woman is going to be so much fun. In a dark way. Possibly no Whedon connection there, but, Sarah Connor and Sarah Corvis (that's Katee's character on Bionic Woman) are the two shows I am looking forward to the most. I've absolutely loved what I've seen so far.

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