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August 26 2007

Alan Tudyk chats about '3:10 To Yuma'. It's one of those on set video interviews with Alan dressed up as his character (with moustache!).

Nice interview of Alan - he looks so much older in costume. This film looks pretty good; wonderful cast. In the Russell Crowe clip, he says nice things about his cast members, and mentions Alan. Christian Bale's clip was worth listening to as well - love to hear his real accent.
Beards tend to add a few years too. Good interviews from a content perspective but did they have to cut people off in mid-sentence ? Bit jarring.

I was sort of surprised at what Alan describes as Christian Bale's "light touch", his reputation has him as being quite intense about each role (famously losing about 100 Lbs to play "The Machinist" then piling that and more back on - in about 2-3 months - for "Batman Begins" and then giving the press interviews for it in an American accent because he felt daft talking about Batman and Bruce Wayne with his English voice - which I think is his natural accent even though he's actually Welsh by birth).

Also, anyone else, on hearing Alan's character being the largely anti-violence voice of reason, think "Wash!". Miss that bugger ;).

(and if you're a spoiler maniac like I am, there could be a huge one - depending on interpretation - in the Christian Bale interview)
I really hate westerns, I've seen maybe four in my life that I liked. But this one looks worth checking out. And good for Alan, great cast, looks like a quality project.
This has certainly been an exciting Summer for Alan, first he plays the smarmy producer in Knocked Up ('tighten up'), and then he plays the naked Brit in Death at a Funeral (I hope to finally see that tomorrow), and now he gets to play the educated one in 3:10 from Yuma! Woo Hoo!

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