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August 26 2007

Eliza Dushku signs new talent deal. Variety reports that 20th Century Fox and the Fox network have signed a new deal for her to star in a new project. 20th Century Fox president Dana Walden described Eliza "as an interesting, smart, soulful person and that all comes through on the screen".

Hmm, that's fairly interesting. I wonder what Eliza has over Fox? haha, I kid. Good for her, er...I guess. Fox and all.
Do we dare hope that Tim puts her in whatever his new thing is?
Good ol' Herc from AICN is already drumming for a Faith the Vampire Slayer show. Nice.
Sounds good to me.
Yeah, I have to agree with AICN. I'm not likely to tune in for yet-another-cop-or-lawyer-or-reality show (yaaawwwwnnnn), but I would definitely be there for "Faith the Vampire Slayer."

As Faith would put it, "it'd be wicked cool."
Sounds great for Eliza.

Much as I'd love to see a Faith series I can understand if she is reluctant to go back to that role. Spin offs fail more often than not, for every Frasier there's twenty Joeys, and I was never taken with the "Slayer on a moterbike" idea. Though considering it's Joss we're talking about here I have no doubt he'd have made it fly.

To be fair to Fox they did give Tru Calling a good run and didn't can it after three episodes so they obviously like her.

Yay Eliza!
So I take it 'Nurses' is not going to be made? This sounds similar to the deal that Nathan Fillion had w/Fox when he was added to the 'Drive' cast, so I'll hope that this works out well for Eliza Dushku, but I won't count on anything.
The perfect, ideal scenario would be for Fox TV (the studio) to produce this show for FX (the cable network), not FOX (the broadcast network).

I mean, holy crap, can you imagine a tougher, rougher, rawer, meaner Minear/Dushku FAITH on the (Fox-owned) cable network home to RESCUE ME, DAMAGES, NIP/TUCK and THE SHIELD? Clearly that's where this show belongs, and where it would thrive.

First off, the threshold for ratings success would be much lower. Buffy's 7th season on UPN averaged 3.8 million viewers (I think), which obviously wouldn't cut it on FOX, but would give it solid footing on cable. (Frankly, the only place on TV where the Buffyverse is feasible is on cable; going the [non-CW, real] network route would be suicide.)

Secondly, it would allow Minear to more freely cut loose creatively, and push the envelope in ways he (and Joss) never could on a broadcast network. This, in turn, gives FAITH more of a reason to exist, and would let it stand apart from BUFFY and ANGEL (rather than being seen as a been-there, done-that rehash). A harder-core, more badass version of the Buffyverse (where people can actually swear and you can show more blood, sex, etc.)? People would tune in for that, plus it'd give Dushku greater creative incentive to return to the role (which she's previously resisted doing).

And, of course, the show would have much better odds of surviving past 13 episodes on FX than it would on FOX.

This is such a no-brainer it's not even funny. (Especially if you add James Marsters in a recurring role as Spike.)

Anyone want to mount a campaign? (And yes, I've already suggested this to Herc.)
Would FX have the budget for such a show? I imagine an FX heavy series wouldn't come cheap for a cable network.
I don't think FX does supernatural stuff...
Simon, have you seen RESCUE ME, DAMAGES, NIP/TUCK and THE SHIELD? These shows are not cheap by any means, and I'd wager more costly than BUFFY and ANGEL were to produce. FX can afford FAITH. (Heck, they can afford Glenn Close, and to shoot in NYC!)

Plus, FX is already home to BUFFY reruns. Synergy! (And so much for mak's argument.)

And Fox has gotta know that FAITH would rack up killer DVD sales.
P.S.: Not to beat a dead horse, but if (notoriously cheap) Sci Fi Channel can afford BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, then FX can definitely afford FAITH - esp. given that FX's RESCUE ME employs considerable practical and digital fx pretty much every episode, has a large ensemble cast, and shoots on location in (expensive) NYC.

Plus, just compare FX's line-up of original series with the CW's (or the former WB's and UPN's). Which one has higher production values? There's no comparison - FX spends real money on their shows, and it _shows_.
FX does whatever it wants :) Sorry, almost went all tangential there - had a moment of the Chuck Norris meme, or the (to my mind) more amusing/recent Bruce Schneier meme. They definitely put the money onscreen when they do something.
God, yes. A Faith show with Tim Minear running it. What a dream team. I'm with Herc on this. It sounds highly unlikely, though. Without knowing the man, I'd imagine Tim would wish to develop his own stuff, i.e., not work from stuff that someone else had created, no matter how much he values his work with Joss. But then again, he didn't create Wonderfalls (nor did he ever own the show) and The Inside wasn't his original project (although he pretty much remade it into his own thing, right?)

But Dushku? She could do a *lot* worse than revisit the fascinating Faith. The character of Faith has so much story still left in her. I can't see how anyone would think that "Faith" is played out. Plus it's not as if Dushku headlined a show as Faith and thus might be understandably exhausted by, and sick of, the character. She played the character for basically one season on Buffy, with subsequent visits to Buffy and Angel. There's a lot left to say, imo. Of course, you'd have to work around/with Buffy S8. Now *that* would be very, very cool.

[ edited by phlebotinin on 2007-08-27 17:29 ]
I think Tim has said before that what he wants to do next is his own original thing. I think he is getting a bit tired of just reworking other people's visions. Can't say as I blame him. I still want to see him work with ED though. I just don't think it would ever involve a Buffyverse character.
I'd love for Eliza and Tim to team-up for the Faith spinoff. I'm not sure whether it would happen, but I think there's a lot left to do with Faith. No matter what else Eliza does, she's always going to be associated with Faith. She might as well use that to her advantage.
FaithFan, she will only be associated with Faith to the relatively small number of people who watched Buffy and Angel. Most of the world has no idea who she is.
What a lovely way to start the week. Rasputin's, I mean Whedon's projects (Buffy, Ripper, Firefly and hopefully Faith the Vampire Slayer) never really die, they just wait to come back and rock the spot. In five to ten years, expect a Wonder Woman in high school show. I like the Faith on FX idea also. Less ratings pressure there. This lot is chock full of pie-in-the-sky optimists and I love it.
... or the (to my mind) more amusing/recent Bruce Schneier meme.

Man, I had totally missed that but Google elaborated and some of those frickin' rock !

("Bruce Schneier can divide by zero" was a fave, simple but awesome - also "Bruce Schneier is always the man in the middle" ;)

Most of the world has no idea who she is.

Or they'll know her from "Bring it On" and her other teen comedies/horror movies. Easy to forget from in here but Buffy was only ever a cult success and though i'd say SMG is widely recognised as the title character, I doubt ED is.

A 'Faith' cable series would be v. cool but I don't see it for quite a few reasons. Clearly my pie fell to Earth long ago ;).
Tim Minear wanted to write for Buffy, but Joss thought he was too angry, remember that story? He recently said he hasn't completely got the X-Files out of his system, so maybe there's some Buffy still in there, too? I can dream.
I think we should ban all stories that include FOX, because it will only bring us heart-break in the end...
I am so excited for Eliza! You would think I was related to her with how proud I am of her. She's really coming in to her own and has done it with hard work and a dedication to her craft rarely seen in young Hollywood. (I know the Sarah fans will point out that she is one of those hardworking young Hollywoodians and I don't discount that. Infact I admire her as well.)

I just am so psyched for Eliza and can't wait to see what the future holds. She completely deserves this opportunity and recognition of her talents.

While I am a fan of the character Faith, I don't know how I'd feel about a series now. It would have to be something really special or it would damage not only that character but the rest of the Buffyverse and possible spin-offs.

I do like the idea of her maybe doing her own type of super hero show. But like a happy fan, I'm just glad she's got something brewing and I'll wait patiently to see what she does.

I'd like to see her in The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Either as another Female Terminator (the fights that Summer and Eliza could have would be so frickin awesome) or an ally of the Connors. Maybe a soldier from the future or something.

Much as I want a Faith show, it would be very restricted in terms of story and length, because of Season Eight. What they could do though is make a miniseries or TV movie that would be an adaption of No Future for You.

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