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"Yeah, what'd she do? Bone a thricewise?"
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August 27 2007

Nathan Fillion: The Fannish Inquisition. Remember back in April when SFX magazine wanted fans to submit questions for Nathan? Well the full Q&A has now been put online at the magazine's website. Enjoy.

That was fun.

The answer that most caught my attention was
In ten years’ time I will have written and directed my own movie. That’s an aspiration I’ve had for a long time. I wrote a pilot once.

Whee! Nathan fiddles around with lockpicking! He's really a geek now...
Whee! Nathan fiddles around with lockpicking! He's really a geek now...

Wow, how much would I not call the cops if I found Nathan trying to break into my apartment...
The straw in the nose? Oh my god - I have tears in my eyes now. At work no less. Nathan - you are a fine fine man. Best of luck to you!
Rogue Slayer - well, he (Nathan) played a cop on Lost so you could just have him dress up as a cop and, like, get out the cuffs and whatnot. Er... Something, something, words. Random nonsense, Glory reference, pancakes. Sorry, I can't stop thinking <python> NOOOOObody expects the Fnnish Inquisition! </python>. I know -5, obvious.
zeitgeist, that's all i could think about as well (spent a whole year with my brother mouthing that one line) except for flannish inquisition might creep in there now.
OK - this is beyond coincidence. His mum says, ‘Nathan, you’re very much a geek – your advantage is that you look mainstream.’

If the wonderfully deranged Christopher Moore book Island of the Sequined Love Nun ever gets made into a film, I'd say we've got our Tucker Case. Tucker is described as "a geek trapped in a cool guy's body." Tucker may also be Canadian, but I'm not certain on that point - I was laughing too hard to pay attention to nationalities.

And who wouldn't pay cashy money to see Nathan Fillion in a movie called Island of the Sequined Love Nun?

oh mockingbird -you are ON TO SOMETHING! I totally agree about Tucker being played by Nate.
*ponders how we can make this happen*
Does anybody out there know people in Hollywood buying scripts? *G*
He really seems like a very cool guy to hang out with...and er...stuff....

Seriously though - hope DH gets him the attention he deserves!
OMG, he's a big fan of Arrested Development (YAY) and also of my favorite character, Gob (YAY!). Can I just not love him any more than I already do? ;)

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