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August 28 2007

(SPOILER) Another Page from Vaughan's first Faith issue.'s exclusive mini interview with BKV and one more previously unseen page from the upcoming issue.

Is that a Yellow Submarine jumper Giles is wearing?
According to my lunchbox. I mean, reference books.
I've read the scripts for BKV's Faith arc and there's no mention of the Yellow Submarine shirt, so that's clearly artistic license at work. I think it looks kind of weird myself, not generally used to seeing Giles wear logo shirts of any kind. I have to say that I'm not blown away by Mr. Jeanty's work so far. I mean he's a good artist, and WAY better than the generic pencillers that used to typically work on the 'verse tie-ins back in the day. He's just not especially stylistic. He's got a good feel for storytelling, which is more than can be said for many pencillers working today. And he does an admirable job of capturing the likenesses of the actors, which again is a refreshing change. But his finished work for this series just doesn't really jump off the page for me.

I have a pretty good idea why that is, but I'll be discreet and just say that he's a very good, "serviceable" penciller but not the great artist that I wish would get some work on this title.

Still, it's all just personal taste.
I not so much that I don't like Jeanty's work, in fact, I think it works really well for the Scoobies themselves. I just think that when they changed arcs, they should've changed artists too. I don't feel Jeanty's style works for Faith very well.

On the other hand, Jo Chen is officially a saint in my book. She's captured the likenesses of each character perfectly.
Haunt, I'm curious as to how you've been able to read BKV's scripts for the Faith arc? Are they available anywhere for other curious readers?

I agree on the weirdness of Giles wearing a logo shirt, but what the hell. It's the Beatles. Could be worse. As for Jeanty's work, I'm a big fan. I agree that he has a good feel for storytelling and the images *move* for me. But as far as likenesses go for the actors, I'm not so sure. Some have been wonderful (Buffy, Dawn, Willow), and some - Andrew, Rona - haven't come close. I don't know how strong the directive is for Jeanty to create great likenesses, though. I recall reading somewhere that Joss told him to not be slavish about it. Or am I imagining that?

Jo Chen is a saint in my book, too, deepgirl187. Her covers have been outstanding, not just because of the uncanny likenesses she renders, but also their composition, etc.
I hate the sweater. But considering the questionable fashion choices that some of the other Scoobies have made, I'll just cringe and move on.
phleb, they're not available to my knowledge. Sorry. I have "sources." Everyone else can enjoy their torrent feeds of all the upcoming new television series, but this is apparently my one bit of "juice" in this world. ;)
Cool for you, Haunt. Enjoy your "juice!"
Oh no ! One last mission before retirement and a chance at a more peaceful life ? Faith might as well have "Borrowed Time" stamped on her forehead. Please don't do it Mr BKV esq. Unless it's very, very cool. Like, "Wild Bunch" cool. Or McQueen catching his mitt and ball cool. That's the sort of cool we're talking. Frosty. Arctic even.

But if she starts talking about that farm in Iowa she always wanted to buy I think I may just stop reading there and assume Old Yeller lives ;-).

(and that's some heavy juice there Haunt. Definitely NOT from concentrate ;)
This is shaping up to be a very intriguing arc.

I liked the touch of Giles cleaning his glasses - how many times have we seen that? I found myself distracted, however, by the sweater. It took me away from the dialogue because it was so not Giles that I kept looking at it to see what it was.
We all live on a secret slayer team.
a secret slayer team,
a secret slayer team.

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Whoa. I completely missed the sweater on the first read. I was distracted by the glasses-cleaning.

Maybe he needed to borrow someone's shirt?
No one has pointed out that he's wearing a submarine shirt while offering Faith safe passage out of the country?

Hope she's not claustrophobic. Or doesn't choose Switzerland...
A serious yay for there being a Beatles reference in a Buffy comic. A serious nay for it looking so out-of-place.

Still, can't wait for this.

[ edited by UnpluggedCrazy on 2007-08-28 23:41 ]
Okay, slightly pissed (and not about the sweater, strangely).

It seems the council is trying to write Faith off. Again.

It wasn't enough for them to shaft her the first go 'round (evil or no), now they have to do it again. Even if Faith wants to get out of the Slayer biz, they still refuse to see her as an ally, as someone with value. Why, oh why can't Joss and Co. write my dream story, and have Faith settle in Los Angeles with the rest of the gang? At least there she'll be respected and among friends.
Faith needs to be an Angel cast member permanently. Her character was handled much better on that series.
Faith is looking younger in the comics. More like how Eliza Dushku looked in seasons three and four of Buffy.
Cant... wait... must wait... can't wait...

Man, that Faith dialogue just rings so true. Giles' too.

I have to agree about the art though. I really don't like the way Faith looks.
I have to give Georges some credit though. Nobody can seem to get Eliza's likeness down perfectly: action figures, comics, even the video game. I think he did a pretty good job.
See, I have no problems with the Faith likeness. I think he totally gets her.

I just have some problems with the sweater.
It may look like a submarine, but it's actually a Watcher's utility belt. Where he keeps his vamparangs.

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