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August 28 2007

Brian Lynch's Myspace Q+A on 'Angel: After the Fall'. Brian Lynch is opening up the floor to questions about After the Fall (albeit the non-spoilery kind) over on his Myspace page.

Also mentions that After the Fall is available for order this week, and it has a full page ad in 'PREVIEWS' magazine.Much excitement!

I hope some people come up with some good non-spoilery questions for Brian, because all I can come up with are the usual: Will Wesley rise from the dead? Did Gunn survive? Will Lilah come and haunt again? Is Betta George going to save the day?
I wonder how many people will ask about the NFA alley battle itself.

Funny, that Brian been posting in here for a while already, but the first time that I see what he looks like.
Well, actually, I didn't remember that was him in Jay and Silent Bob....
Queen is my favorite band EVER.

Anyway, I now have to figure out what I'm going to ask!
I had to think a few minutes before I thought of one that was fairly non-spoilery.

(and of course, you all know that in the back of my head, I was all "Who cares about everyone else? I wanna know about Lindsey." but I refrained....LOL. It was hard, too.)

And Mr. Lynch answered my question so I'm all bouncy now and even more excited about the series.
Ya I got my question answered. Lots more have been answered if you want to check it out:)
including a spoiler one about a certain character factoring into things in some way.
Someone actually demanded that Cordelia be brought back?
Yes and that sort of behavior does not impress based on Brian Lynch's response.

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I wouldn't think it would, no.

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