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August 28 2007

'Dark Congress' released today. Christopher Golden's alternate Season 8 tale, featuring the return of some prominent former BtVS characters, hits bookshelves today. It's also the penultimate book in Simon & Schuster's Buffy series.

The novel is also available as a downloadable E-Book.

There's a Hellmouth in Rhode Island?
She's in Congress?
It's funny, how the new official follow ups (Angel: After the Fall and BtVS: Season 8) are heating up, at the same time that merchandising and other universe expansion seems to be vanishing.

Inkworks just released the commemorative set for Buffy 10th year anniversary cards, wonder if they'll find another p ermutation for more Buffy related releases, but they never released special sets for Angel, beside the seasonal releases a long time ago....

The Titan magazines ended a while ago also....

The Angel line of novels from Pocket Books, ended even longer ago, and I bet we'll never see a Casefiles covering the final season. It always bothered me how the publisher, didn't held back the publication of the second volume, so they'd be able to include season 5 in it.

And you all know what Diamond Select announced about the Buffy Action Figures from a few days ago....
It's because the shows have been off the air for the audience for so long, passing interest is dying.
She's in Congress?
And a Republican-dominated one at that!
damaged justice....with the beast!

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I knew there were demons in Providence the first time I saw this.
Got my copy last week, thanks to my on-line dealer. Reading through it now. I would've finished it already but I've been so busy. Chris captures the characters very well.
I knew there were demons in Providence the first time I saw this.

Oooh, I saw that once. You're right, it was terrifying.
Check out the dedication. *beams* :-)
Ironically, I was in Midtown Manhattan, playing tourist and searching the comic shops for Shadow Puppets 1 & 2 when I found this book. I didn't have a clue what it was about - or even that it was being released - when I read the back cover and saw the mention of a Hellmouth in Providence, RI. (My adopted hometown since discovering Buffy.) That's all I needed to know at the moment when I blindly bought a copy and now I can't wait to read it.
Numfar PTB, you're right. Of course, the new Buffy and, to a lesser extent, Angel comics ably demonstrate that there is still a vibrant marketplace for the Buffyverse out there. And I actually have some confidence that another...probably smaller...publishing house would like to pick up the Buffy book franchise at some point.

Of course, one single thing would make a Buffy novel a best seller, and go a long way toward reviving the whole book line: If Joss Whedon were to write one. We can only hope.
barboo- no, it's now a democratic controlled Congress, remember? :-)

I love this book almost to pieces. One small change and I would love it completely to pieces. Nudge nudge wink wink know what I mean? :-)
Shiai: Joss has publicly related he doesn't have the patience to write novels. That said, he'll write one just to spite us for believing such a thing.
Oh, exactly quantumac. He's probably already written a 12 volume opus that he's just waiting for the perfect moment to spring upon us. ;)
I'm on page 100. I'll be interviewing Chris soon for my site, over this book and other things, so if anyone has any questions for him, just have them commented here by Sept 7th. Cool?

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