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August 28 2007

Before They Were Famous: The 10 Most Regrettable Celebrity Commercials. A couple of Buffy stars made it onto this amusing list of celebrity commercials, and it's definitely worth it to check out a teeny little brunette Buffy ragging on McDonalds (not to mention Seth's hair).

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And Sarah, of course, was sued by McDonald's over that ad, and for years afterward was forbidden by terms of the settlement to even set foot inside the golden arches. Which probably explains how she's managed to keep in such fabulous shape all these years. ;)
As though a five year old was responsible for the ad! LOL
Of course Double Meat Palace probably just aggravated the old McDonald's paranoia.
The Morgan Freeman commercial is solid gold, by the way.
Oh, Seth's hair... that swirly, whooshy hair! Ah-hahahaa! Ten bucks says he wishes that commercial would burn in the hell mouth. That'll give me the giggles the rest of the night.
Speaking of DoubleMeat Palace, I think Pat Crawford Brown, AKA Penis-Demon-Head Lady, appears in the Elijah Wood commercial.
I know Sarah as a preteen did a comemrcial for Sprint or Hallmark or some other company that helps people keep in touch, I just wish soembody couldt race it.
I think that I am going to have the "Golden wine coolers!" jingle stuck in my head for a bit...
Not to mention: Alyson Hannigan would like you to try Mylanta and Charisma Carpenter has a coffee recommendation, though Anthony Stewart Head would prefer you stuck with Taster's Choice.
I remember seeing a commercial for some sort of femenine hygene product with Morena Baccarin. I saw it around the time Serenity came out, but it looked like it had been made years before. I guess there just happened to be a Browncoat working in their ad department begging to bring back that one commercial right then.
Wow, i'd forgotten the whole will they or won't they element to the Nescafé adverts. Funnily enough I thought ASH was almost insufferably smug at the time and didn't know what the woman saw in him but I generally prefer tea so am clearly deeply unglamorous ;).

And mini-SMG, awww, cute as a button.

(did she really get sued ? Seems a bit much to sue a particular actor - especially a teeny one - when it's clearly Burger King that's at "fault")
I want a nerf slingshot! I didn't even know those existed.
I'm pretty sure Sarah's inclusion was one of those lawsuit dealies where they name anybody that ever had anything to do with the commercial, including the TV repairmen and their mothers, just to make sure they've covered their bases in the suit.

The inclusion of a child (or someone equally lacking in responsibility) in these kinds of lawsuits has never made the slightest bit of common sense to me, but then, the law is an ass, and above or is it below such humdrum necessities as "making sense." Un-bee-leev-able.

A nerf slingshot would be awesome-o.
Not as awesome as a Nerf Herder though (cos that'd mean, as i've long suspected, Star Wars is actually true).
I have never seen ASH's commercials, so that has made my day!
Thank you, Jester in a Cast!
I never saw all of 'em, Lioness - just a few of the beginning ones - as these were not my TV years, so, yeah, thanks, Jester in a Cast.

In the 80s, I also had those exact squiggly-snakey earrings she wore in "The Other Man" segment.

*shivers* Uggggghhh - 80s jewelry. *shivers again...*

And I always thought ASH was kinda smug and annoying in these, yeah, Saje, and he was... I do remember women I knew going simply gaga for him, but back then, he wasn't my style at all... *remembers years of moody musicians and writers, all kinds...*
No "cha-ching!"?. That's no list!
That cha-ching commercial made no sense at all, but it was funny in an, "Omg, there's the hair again," way.
I recently read the novelization of the British version of ASH's coffee comemrcials....
I remember the Morena commercial...I think it was for deodorant. I remember thinking that she was such a bad actress then, I later realized it was Morena. She was all "did you borrow my shirt" and her roommate was like "does it look like I did?" and Morena goes "Noooo" in this awkward monotone voice. haha good times.
Hey, MySerenity, I remember that commercial.

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