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August 29 2007

UGO's Top 11 Cameos Features a Familiar Face. The Jossly-one's appearance as Numfar in Angel Season Two makes the list of UGO's favorite cameos today. The whole list can be perused at this link.

We love that Joss Whedon doesn't mind looking like an ass. He's an unapologetic dork. We can relate.

He's our hero.

They seem confused about what constitutes a "cameo" (Joss as Numfar), and what constitutes "guest starring" (pretty much any appearance lasting more than one scene).
The list also loses credibility on the Paris Hilton front. She was the worst thing in the entire series of Veronica Mars. If anything doomed the show from the outset, it was putting her in the second episode. Damn that Joel Silver!
Ya Numfar was great. He's the surprise villian in After the Fall you know....oh ya!
Yep, the "fall" actually happens while Numfar is doing the Dance of Joy and the entire series is about his recovery and *spoiler* eventual triumph in the "All Pylea Joy Dance Off".

Of those i've seen, I really liked Duchovny's on Larry Sanders, mercilessly took the piss out of himself but also tied in very nicely with the running gag on the X-Files about Mulder's porn obsession/unusual sexual proclivities.

And Christopher Reeve's on 'Smallville' was just beautiful. He got John Williams' horns in the background just as a wee reminder of the guy who really made us believe a man could fly.

(Tarantino's was pretty good too, I - sort of ;) - remember a line where someone - maybe Sidney herself - says something like "You're the man behind all this ?" and he replies "No, i'm the man in front of The Man". I always wondered if he wrote that line cos it's very him)
For Veronica Mars I was hoping they would mention Paul Rudd! But that could just be because I have a total crush on him. I honestly didn't think it was a very great list, and was a little contradictory (listing why Scrubs couldn't be included, than giving the same bio for Arrested Development and including it anyways was odd). But it was cool to see a couple I hadn't known about.
The way Joss tells, this would have the greatest cameo ever (from an interview around the release of Serenity).

Oh yes. I remember that. I thought it would have been wonderful.
And it occurs to me now, of course it would have had to be Season 6!
It has more than just the one familiar face!

- both Joss & Alyson Hannigan on Veronica Mars
- Joss on Angel
- Alan Tudyk (w/ link) on Arrested Development

Nice to see those three on three great shows (and one of them being Angel).

Three mentions out of 11 isn't bad. :)

And as a bonus, Whedonesque is at the top of the 4 "related links" - not bad, not bad at all.
Simon, that would have been both the best and worst cameo ever.

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