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August 29 2007

Nathan Fillion's Waitress to be screened for fundraiser. The Art Theatre in Hobart, Indiana will show the film on Thursday, August 30th to help raise funds for the Caring Place, a shelter for victims of domestic violence. The $25 ticket includes a post-showing discussion with an area film critic, as well as pie for all!

Hobart is located not terribly far from Chicago, and is near both I-65 and I-80/94.

nice to see the good work continues (ala serenity showings for equality now) for the BDH. Plus free pie!
Whoo-hoo! Shiai, thanks for posting!
Waitress as a fundraising film. Wonderful idea, and I hope it catches on elsewhere. -Like in Bloomington IN, for instance! ;)

I'll wait 'til the DVD comes out, then... who knows?

Columbus, OH pretty far right? US map of Waitress Screenings

Waitress still moving to different theaters around the US. You got any Art theaters around you or second run theaters? Maybe they just don't realize there are any Nathan Fillion/Waitress fans waiting to see the movie. Somebody on Nathan's myspace just said it finally came to Escanaba, MI and they got to see it.

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