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August 30 2007

(SPOILER) Wizard Interview with Brian K. Vaughan. Wizard sits down with Brian K. Vaughan about his work on Buffy: Season 8. Includes some VERY pretty pictures from Jo Chen. Also note that Wizard #192 (the Fall TV Preview issue) also contains a small Ripper article and a Faith character spotlight (-ed).

VERY PRETTY OMG Jo Chen has created an amazing 'double'portrait of Buffy and Faith. These comics can't come quick enough.......
That double Buffy/Faith image, is the Cover for the TPB from arc. Very Nice.

The content of the interview, though, is basically the same from the interviews from CBR and Newsarama that we covered in this thread.

Nevertheless, the "Twilight" thingie, seems even more evident, in Wizard's Q&A format of transcribing, what was probably a press round-table or press conference.

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WHOA! Holy...WHOA!

Every time I see a new Jo Chen cover, I say "wow, that's the best one yet!" This time is no exception. I think the Buffy/Faith profiles one is the best likeness of both of the characters I've ever seen in any drawing. Wow.
OMG, naked flaming Faith! *faint*
I sent the fiery Faith cover to a coworker and he wrote me back "Stupid fire..."
Thought I'd share that with the group.
Jo Chen covers=superb, likewise BKV Xander dialogue. So much excellence, so imminent. Patience, sharp li'l stick, patience.
Too bad to hear BKV will only be doing original stuff after he wraps this up. I was hoping he'd be a recurring writer on the book for a while.
You never know, he could be tempted back in the future.

The double portrait is amazing!I love the cover for number 9 as well, Faith's not actually a flame though?I thought it was the dress?
Xander makes a Captain Ron reference while taunting a punching bag. He remains my favorite hero-geek.

And I see the Buffy/Xander romantic ambiguity continues.

Patience, sharp li'l stick, patience.

6 days, Pointy.

*waits, fidgets*

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6 days, Pointy.

During the interview for the warehouse job at TFAW that I didn't get, they mentioned the degree to which orders/shipping spikes when Buffy comes out. The word "exponentially" might not be an improper word to describe it.
Jeez, Jo Chen has got the goods, big style. Talented lady.

(and it's lucky Faith has a girl amount of body hair, i'dve gone up like a bale of hay in a similar situation ;)

You never know, he could be tempted back in the future.

Yep, this "season" is apparently set to last a few years and then Joss has hinted at a possible "season 9" so there're gonna be chances for BKV to write another arc or standalone if he wants to.

Also, Xander has clearly been drinking his Irn-Bru (Scotland's other national drink ;) or just had a lot of time on his hands. Ripped much ?
During the interview for the warehouse job at TFAW that I didn't get

Now I'm imagining the piles of boxes of Buffy comics that you could've seen. I'm sad for you since that sounds kind of neat. :( It's cool that the orders jump when Buffy comes out.

Saje, Xander is definitely more comic-like in form and musculature nowadays.
God, Jo Chen is amazing.

I've been emailing her back and forth the last few weeks about purchasing mini-poster-sized giclees and lithos of her season 8 covers, and she was tickled that I wanted a copy of every single one. And now I'm gonna have to remind her to keep me informed when they are available to her to sell to me, because these Faith-arc covers are just as outstanding as everything else so far.

Those first preview pages - along with this new one with the Xander-speak - make me almost giddy to read this whole BKV arc. Awesomeness.

And even the small hints of the B/X... ambiguity... make me a little warm and fuzzy inside. I love them.

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...what is "Twilight"?
I can not sing enough praise over Jo Chen's art. It's simply amazing. Joss has always drawn the best of writers, appears the same with artist as well. I pray we never become spoiled over such talent.
Twilight is the name of the shadowy military organisation that has it in for the Slayers; it also maybe the name of this series.

I certainly wouldn't mind, however, if Season 8 ended with something more upbeat, like "It's Morning In Slayerland!"
Oh, you mean the "Initative". Wait, wrong season and theme.
The interview makes it sound like Brian K. Vaughan did everything he wanted to do with Buffy and the gang in his arc. Of course, that doesn't mean he won't have other inklings/ideas in the future. Just based on the writing from the few pages we've seen, I'd love for him to hop back on board at some point.
Oooooh... I can't wait for new comic day!
Twilight is the name of the shadowy military organisation that has it in for the Slayers; it also maybe the name of this series.

Is it a secret military organisation, or is it a secret organisation using the military as a tool in the first arc?
I'd go with the later, Niels(Telltale).

And wow. Those covers are amazing, and I love BKV's writing. I just wish we could remove that Beatles sweater from #6.
As I mentioned earlier the script for this issue clearly describes the "casual wear" that Giles is sporting and it is patently NOT a Beatles sweater. So this was obviously an artist addition.

As for BKV's writing, the scripts for his four issues are actually better written than the one's of Joss' I've read. Whether that means the stories are better is open for interpretation, but speaking strictly of the writing in script form? I personally liked Brian's better. I would have no problem if he took over the regular writing chores on the series.

But then of course we've got Drew Goddard coming up too, so it only gets better and better. :)

Where'd you find those scripts? I'd love to get a look at them.
I can't reveal my sources, sorry. :( But Whedonish scripts for all kinds of media find their way online eventually, so they may turn up someday.
The Jo Chen stuff is amazing as usual, but the page with Xander had me rolling on the floor laughing. Seriously can't wait for that issue. ;)
Haunt, I read your post in the other thread that that was artistic license taken by Georges. So I'm not blamin' BKV. ;-)
Maybe some witches gave Giles a magic pop culture referencing mood shirt.
The Beatles thing reminds me of that moment in season four when Oz was going through Giles's records and found the Velvet Underground's "Loaded", which transcripts on the web describe as a Beatles album for some reason. Maybe it was in the original script and was changed before filming, or maybe it's just a badly fact-checked transcript. Either way, maybe Mr. Jeanty did some unfortunate googling to see what kind of band Giles would wear and stumbled upon said transcript.

Not saying Giles wouldn't listen to the Beatles, though. They did some amazingly great stuff, and I'm sure he'd have a couple albums, but I don't see him as the Yellow Submarine merchandise kind of guy.
Another Buffy/Xander dream?! The borders are black... same with issues 2 and 3.

That TPB cover is just amazing. Hands down my favorite from Jo Chen so far.
Its amazing how Jo Chen captures their likeness.

Sept 5 is too far away!
As if I didn't already have plenty of reasons to love BKV, I now have reason #491:

Shirtless Xander making Snake Plisskin references.
Just in case anyone hasn't already discovered it, the fiery Faith image is available as a desktop wallpaper download from the Dark Horse website.

If only it weren't NSFW!
Oh, cookie dough, it's just next week. Hang in there:)

Haunt, I was about to start jumping up and down here. Really looking forward to your report.
Um, wait... what report?

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