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August 30 2007

Serenity Collectible Plate, hat, new Mal t-shirt, Photos 8 x 10. T-shirts sizes S to XXXL. Oh, look shirtless photos. Thud.

Serenity Collectible Plate
Serenity Embroidered Logo Hat
Serenity Mal: Captain t-shirt black
Serenity cast t-shirt blue
Photos 8 x 10s

Thanks TURNIPYODOUR on for the link.

Why wouldn't someone just find all those pictures online and print them out themselves? Why pay for them? Just curious and pretty much think that creationent is teh evil.
Geez, what century is Creation Ent living in, barring people based on browser detection?

Didn't you like the plate or the new Mal t-shirt?

I think the photos are probably there for people to buy and have them autographed. Isn't that usual for conventions?
There is nothing unusual about it at all. Just telling people that there are other options. Creationent will suck any convention goer of every dime possible as usual. Too bad that the convention goer will get very very little for their dime.
Creation isn't even trying to make anything special or artistic here. The "heads on a plate with the logo in the middle" just makes me wince.

Sheesh... they are treating Serenity like any product to extract money from the fans. There is no art, no particular feeling for the 'Verse. They have approached Serenity like any of the Con packages they sell.

Everyone does remember that Creation purposely scheduled their Serenity Con one week before Starfury L.A.'s Serenity Con just to mess with them, right?

I gotta go with Tamara on this one....
But I really like the Mal shirt.
Creation just kind of... exists in my head. I've bought Stargate and Lost stuff from them, as there aren't very many places to get that stuff, but with QMx and dark horse/tfaw keeping us covered on almost everything, we don't need no stinkin' Creation.

That said, Creation is good to an extent when they're the only place to get official merch for a franchise. Even though it did take them forever to ship my stuff that one time.
I don't usually buy this kind of merchandise, but I think this is an interesting
collection of photos, including a couple of stills that did not make it into the
movie IIRC--Inara drawing a bow and and Shepherd Book with a book.
Mal with the little screwdriver and River with her feet up on the copilot's chair
are also non-obvious choices.
Hey, 11thHour, I'm so happy you're still with us.
... and River with her feet up on the copilot's chair
are also non-obvious choices.

Yeah, I really like that one, very cute. In general, some of the photos are quite decent.

Re: the rest, meh. I might wear the t-shirts but the plate is pure cheese IMO (though in fairness, i'm not really into stuff like that anyway).
That pic of River about to go all Miranda on us would be absolutely perfect if it weren't for the stupid clapboard in the frame.
It won't come up for me.
Not impressed with any of the offerings, but that's not a surprise, I can't stand Creation either. They aren't extracting a dime from me for any of that merchandise.
Yeah, the Mal shirt is nice,but what about that shot of River with her back against the wall as the wall starts to break open? Look at the arms coming in from the left could those be the arms of Joss directing?

Good to see you too 11th Hour. My Inara "card" that you made is one of my prize 'verse possessions. Thanks.
Now when I see plates with photos on 'em, all I can think of is Dolores Umbridge.

Before HP, all they brought to mind was my batty old neighbor who has a wall o' plates with birds on 'em.

Is all I'm saying.
Hehe QuoterGal, if only the photos moved ;)
What are you two birds chirping about? The world wonders....
Madhatter ~ I'm fairly sure that QG and MS are referring to a character in the latest Harry Potter movie. I haven't seen it yet, but the "HP" reference, and Google, helped me figure it out... heh...

Btw, thanks for the nice words above.
Heh. Creation refuses to support Opera. So, no viewing or buying for me. What a shame.
Well on the plus side I can now eat ice cream off Jayne whenever I like...

You mean like Space Opera?
Heh. Creation refuses to support Opera. So, no viewing or buying for me. What a shame.

You aren't really missing anything, regardless of how dumb it is that they don't understand the modern browser environment.
Shirtless Simon and shirtless Mal are real nice, but too bad there was no shirtless Jayne in the film (or Kaylee for that matter--she should've been as half-nude as Simon in that last bit, 'cause I can't imagine--or don't wish to--that there's the same kind of female modesty 500 years in the future in space in your own home ship as there is now in most parts of the world). We never got to see much of Adam Baldwin's movie-jacked physique, not that there was anything wrong with large, bearish and a bit softer Jayne from the series.

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