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August 31 2007

Seth Green on Leno Tonight. Seth Green is on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno tonight.

Am I the only surprised that Seth Green was the first guest? I mean, granted it's the end of summer. I just didn't know that Seth Green's stardom had reached a "more with Seth after this" level.

That said, I loved it.
Is it a rerun where they talk about the Star Wars edition of Robot Chicken?
This will be interesting. If someone should "accidently" tape it.....
I didn't even know Jay Leno was on Saturdays.
It was last night.
Yeah, I'm afraid this posted too late for even those of us on the West coast.
Yeah, I'm afraid this posted too late for even those of us on the West coast.

No it didn't. It was posted here with plenty of time for me to watch, although I didn't. (Sleeping off the beer I drank after getting laid off from work was more important. Sorry, Seth!)
Oh, then it was my fault for going to bed too early so I could finish reading 'American Gods'.... So, is Seth's appearance up on YouTube yet?
YouTube, the god of illegalism. Or will be someday. LOL.
I watched a few minutes of it, not having a great deal of patience for talk shows, but I can report that Seth is still looking good. Even better than ever.

Is this the interview?

Either way, it's an interview, at least... and it was added recently enough to be the one. yay?
I think one of the reasons he's now a more-with-Seth-after-this interviewee these days is that he gives good interview. Not necessarily a lot of substance, but funny, especially, last night, about his early ad acting days. Leno also showed that embarrasing Nerf ad that was highlighted here a few days ago. Unfortunately, they showed the same internet-quality video, so it wasn't possible to see Seth's "bad hair choice" in its true glory.

Good thing he can laugh at himself. In fact, he seems to be a really hard guy to embarrass.
He also made some good asides during the second interview segment (when Leno was interviewing a guy from some reality show). That's actually all I saw -- I missed his own interview. But he was looking sharp.
Yes, Seth was great last night. He did correct Jay on where "Robot Chicken" is shown. They had a clip where Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd had a rap-off as in a scene from "8 Mile".
{{{Bix}}} I am so sorry to hear that. But you are a fantastic hardworking guy. You will not be unemployed for very long.
bigsofty -- I totally agree, Seth gives a great interview. Or as my dad put it, "This guy sure talks a lot."

willbueche -- The guy from the reality show was Mike Rowe from Dirty Jobs, who is freaking awesome.

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