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September 01 2007

Toyfare's Best 100 Toys of the Decade. The Buffy/Angel Palz line comes in at number 97 and the 'Graduation Day' Buffy figure is at number 41, getting praised as "simply the best Buffy figure ever".

Which begins the question, what do you think are the best Buffyverse toys ever?

I must have spent about 2 hours at a party trying to get Optimus Prime into truck form. Man, that was an achievement and a half.

When it comes to Buffyverse toys? I have a soft spot for puppet Angel. And perhaps the mobile I made in woodshop. *geek*
I agree, thricewise.

You just can't go past puppet Angel. Best.Toy.Ever.

And he's followed by Fiesta Giles, who makes me giggle for some strange reason.

I personally didn't get into Grad Day Buffy, but horses for courses.

if articulation is the only confining requirement, where's Sideshow's version of Graduation Day Buffy? *soooo* much more the best Buffy figure, if they mean the character...the likeness was amazing. it's been trumped since by Premium Format Buffy, but that's not a toy in any sense of the word, I guess. (and if they mean the Buffyverse, then Smile Time Angel needed inclusion, definitely.)
I was never keen on the articulation-heavy, likeness-weak design of the Deluxe Buffy figures' legs, but DST's Graduation Day Buffy is a great figure from the waist up.

My choice would be DST's Destiny Spike, which is just as articulated but the design accommodates it better, and captures the character's classic look well. It could have been improved by having swappable vampface and human heads in the box rather than the human head only being available in other figures in the line, but you can't have everything.
I'm just happy Buffy made it in there somewhere, weak legs and all.

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