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September 02 2007

Sales figures for the Serenity Collector's Edition DVD. According to The Numbers website, the DVD debuted at no. 25 on their sales chart and sold an estimated 32,396 copies. For its first week of release, it made approximately $580,429.

This is a new feature for The Numbers website and a big thanks to the good people over at for the heads up.

Great find! It will be interesting to see if it is still on the chart next week. My guess is, not.
Are these retail sales? 'Cause I'm trying to figure out why anyone needs to actually own, rather than rent, some of these flicks. In any case, my copy arrived yesterday, so "Yay!"
Awesome! Make that 39,415, I just ordered five copies to donate to our local libraries.
From the Website:

Precise information on DVD sales is not generally available.
Our DVD sales figures are estimates based on studio figures, publicly available data, and private research on retail sales carried out by Nash Information Services.

Our sales charts currently start on June 3, 2007. DVDs released before that date do not have cumulative totals. Each week, we will be adding earlier charts to our archives, and more cumulative totals will be available.

It will be interesting to see how we do next week, considering the low number of Brick and Mortar Stores that are carrying it. Best Buy, FYE, Borders... not too many other Retail Outlets carrying it that I've heard of. Kind of hard to find and Buy something if no one is selling it. I lean toward optimism, though, and have hopes that they'll realize the error of their ways as the Holiday Season comes up. I've emailed Target and WalMart, requesting that the BDCE be carried in my Local Store. Doubt that my voice alone will carry much weight... alone, that is. :)

Notice too, that there aren't any "total" figures posted. I'm guessing, based on that last paragraph, that they're not combining the totals with Serenity DVD Sales overall, but might do so as they receive "More cumulative totals". Could be wrong about that; They might keep the CE a seperate entity from the Standard Release.

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Wow, this is pretty rad. It's only an estimate, but the sources aren't half bad. That 37k number is about the number of members has, amusingly.
Huh, The Numbers website has updated their info since this morning and the figures for Serenity have moved downwards.

So originally it sold 39,410 copies, now it's 32,396. Whichs means it made $580,429 not $706,097. Apologies for that one, unfortunately it was one of those things beyond my control. Anyhow I've updated the info on the entry with the new figures.
Date, Rank, Units this Week, % Change, Total Units Sales, this Week Total Sales, Weeks in Release
8/26/2007 25 32,396 -.-% - $580,429 - 88

I may be seeing this wrong, but the sales figure appears as 32,396 not 39,410... But still, Huzzah! A small loyal fanbase has power to move numbers... *Fingers crossed that the 'verse keeps growing*

And yes, I too am curious what the numbers will read if the previous sales of Serenity are factored in.

AAAnnnnddd Simon beat me to the correction... oops...

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No worries, Simon. You're still number one as our source of information.
It's not exactly easy to find. They didn't have any copies at Best Buy yesterday, but there was an empty slot for it in the "new releases" section.

I did see three copies at Sam's for $16.95.
It will be interesting to see how we do next week, considering the low number of Brick and Mortar Stores that are carrying it. Best Buy, FYE, Borders... not too many other Retail Outlets carrying it that I've heard of.

I got it at Virgin Megastore. Not a big chain, I guess. But that's another.
It's plenty sold out around here (Mpls, MN), I hear. Two (at least) fellow browncoats had gone looking for it a couple of days after its release and found it was sold out in both Best Buy and Target. And when I personally bought my copy on the release date there were only two more copies left to sell.

So, I guess, can anyone tell me how high my hopes should be? Can you give it to me on a scale of 1 to 10?
Stores I've personally seen it at:

Best Buy
Wal-Mart saw 10 copies in the New Release aisle not end-cap.
Barnes and Noble stores that have DVD sections

FYE, Barnes and Noble DVD section and Borders can order to store.

Barnes and Noble has it promoted on DVD page

Did anybody see it at Target? Didn't see it at two Targets at all last week.
Looked up Babylon 5's new straight to DVD release on chart

Rank Prev. Rank Title Units this Week % Change Total Units Sales this Week Total Sales Weeks in Release
16 (-) Babylon 5 - The Lost Tales 51,559 -.-% 51,559 $824,428 $824,428 1

Wasn't on chart since then.

Hey, Serenity has been in release 88 weeks.
Does that mean it's going back to the 50's to make out with it's mom?
FWIW, As I bought my copies via Amazon, I just checked and see it is #27 on the best-selling DVDs list
Hmm. I don't suppose anyone knows if this is good or bad, or just kinda neutral? Usually you can say a movie is doing well based on its opening weekend... but I imagine DVDs are a slightly different... thing.
Jobo, I don't have a clue how the numbers are, but take a glance at the sales history for The Bourne Supremacy, which is another DVD that's actually been out for a while, but is having a second life due to the current release of The Bourne Ultimatum. That one is a big-budget studio flick that's generally considered very successful, and it looks like it's been around the 20K to 40K unit range most of the past two months, other than the high peaks at 60K to 80K the weeks that the new Bourne movie opened. So in light of that, a smaller movie with more modest sales expectations, a 30K unit opening doesn't seem too shabby.
If The Bourne Supremacy is still pulling in even just 20k unit range, then the opening weekend of Serenity while excellent, has to show legs for anyone watching numbers to notice I believe... And I do realize that there is an element of comparing apples to oranges with this paradigm. Legs, what Serenity has to keep doing is show legs- and that is what Joss implied as well during the interviews around ComicCon if I recall correctly.

That all noted, Huzzah! for all the Browncoats who have stepped up to make the numbers as good as they are!. *Off to recruit more to keep the 'verse growing...*

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