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September 02 2007

Angel gets two mentions in The Onion's A.V. Club this week. In an article about the upcoming Fall TV lineup, AtS gets mentioned in the review of Moonlight and Women's Murder Club.

Gonna be a bit painful to give Moonlight any attention with the way Angel got treated by WB at the end of it's last season. It's like saying there's demand for something like Angel, but it won't be Angel, sort of reminds you the mistake WB made in not giving us 1-2 more seasons of Angel. I love Whedon's shows, but dealing with their ends is tough stuff, because he did them so well. 5 seasons of Angel would probabley be alot for other shows, but the show kept changing and had alot to say, so your left hungaring for more, and it takes a long time if not ever to get over a show like that, probabley never will, unless we see a Angel film or something for our efforts in missing the show.
Well, I'm thinking "Moonlight" has dropped off our radar, but I understand your point. Are people still that upset?

Oh, bear in mind about the source, "The Onion" is a favorite read, but really.
Hehe, I like their comments.

And I wouldn't worry about Moonlight becoming a huge hit, but that's just my prediction...
Madhatter: The Onion AV Club is just as legitimate a source as any regular entertainment newspaper/site. If not more so than most.
KernelM, I wasn't aware of that and I wish to apologize. I meant no disrespect.
Moonlight is a tough call. Part of me wants it to fail miserably in a "How dare you try to copy Angel" sort of way. But if it is successful, it would mean that there is an audience for this type of show/genre. I think that would be more annoying.
I think it's probably best to treat Moonlight like most other fall shows. Watch the first couple of episodes, and if it doesn't click with you, move on. Saying it's a rip-off of Angel won't get our show brought back any time soon. And besides, eventually someone's gonna point out that the whole "broody vampire" thing is a rip-off of Dark Shadows, and I'm not gonna even try defending that. ;)
I wish that link read The Onion AV Club, because that's a news source. Just putting The Onion makes it sound like a link to a parody review... no wonder there's some confusion up thread!

As for Moonlight... even the publicity photos look cheesy. And the main character's name? Mick St John? It's like a Mel Brooks parody of an Irishman.
"Well, I'm thinking "Moonlight" has dropped off our radar, but I understand your point. Are people still that upset?

Madhatter "

Can't speak for everyone, but it's never nice seeing a good thing come to a stop.There's nothing like your favorite show still being in production with the comfort of old seasons to rewatch as you wait for new episodes, there's nothing like it, once the show stops production and you see the actors move on, usually to not better roles, it's sad:) The show was too good. It's business to the evil networks, but for Whedon and us, it's about the characters and stories we can't get enough of.

I guess I have to be thankful there was a spinoff in the first place.

As in life, everything you hold dear, you stand to lose at some point. It's never nice seeing great stories get untold because of someone else's business decision. When something needs to be said, there's a hungar for it, which is why Angel will always be unfinished business.

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