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September 02 2007

(SPOILER) New James Marsters photos on the set of Without A Trace. Here's some pics of James on the set of Without A Trace looking great as always :D.

I'm torn with this show. I'm kind of in the same boat with this show as I am with Desperate Housewives now that Nathan is joining the cast. Do I really need to start watching? I already have a very long list of TV that I love and have very little time to watch all of it. I'm already going to start watching Torchwood because of James. I draw the line for Without a Trace. If he's just going to be in a couple of episodes, I'll certainly tune in to those It he's joining the cast, I may tune in if I have time. Same with DH.

But, damn....James looks really good. I'm very happy for him :)
James is only in one episode of Torchwood so don't feel like you have to sit through the whole series on his account.
Well, I've kind of fallen in love with Captain Jack, so too late :)
The good thing about "Without a Trace" is that each episode is kind of like a one-shot. Sure there are some small arcs and character continuity, but its mainly a crime drama similar to Law & Order that has more episodic arcs than seasonal. So, really, as a newcomer to WaT, you're safe starting when JM's arc starts and simply knowing the basic premise, "The cases of a FBI unit specializing in missing persons investigations."

And there ya go :)
JM is returning to Cardiff in November to film a second episode of Torchwood as well as playing another gig. The guy who plays Ianto apparently told more than one fan this at Collectormania in Glasgow. Hints of more work in S3 too. If it lasts that long.
i hope he does more episode on prime time i miss my weekly james
Well, I watch this show anyway, and I'll be welcoming James when he comes in. Great news about another gig on Torchwood, too.
Harm, I'm in the same boat. I've never watched DH, WaT or TW before and now have to get clued in to what's going on in those shows.
Without A Trace is IMO the second best of all the procedurals .... second to the mind-blowingly creepy Criminal Minds. I got tired of all the rest ages ago, but I'm really looking forward to this. My understanding is that he will be in five episodes, I hope that's right.
Gonna be forever before we get season 2 of Torchwood here in the U.S., season 1 just starts this month. And our BBC mangles their shows with commercials.
I read somewhere that BBCAmerica is doing some sort of major overhaul this fall? Has anyone heard about that, and what it might involve?
BBCAmerica does not even seem to be a choice with my cable carrier...
I would watch James in anything. I am looking forward to each and every show he is going to be on. I really don't feel like I need to watch an entire series just to see him, I did not watch Smallville, I just recorded and fast forwarded to his scenes, same with Saving Grace, of course with that show you only had to watch a minute of time. But Torchwood and WaT I am interested in anyway, so I will start watching and I will be praying that James gets to be a regular on something, anything, I'm not picky. I just love him!!

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