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September 02 2007

Juliet Landau's official website now open. This weekend Juliet mentioned the launch of her new site, she is selling items on the site to raise money to help fund her own independent projects.

Does she happen to mention which voice(s) she did for the video game Bioshock?

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I think it's been confirmed by Ken Levine that she's the voice of the Little Sisters. Which adds a whole new level of freak to a game that entirely didn't need one. <actually watching her husband play right this second>
I bought an autographed photo to do my part in supporting independent film and because I wanted a picture of Drusilla creeping me out by name.
When I click on 'go to store' I don't get to a new page. Why would that be? I guess I should write to the site manager?
embers, I had the same problem, but it was my pop-up blocker getting in the way. When I enabled pop-ups, I went right to her store.
Oh thank you bojojoti, that was the problem; and those photos are beautiful. I think I will go for an autographed picture.
Wow, those stills are just... luscious...

There are some wonderful shots from the Drusilla, Spike and Angel photo shoot. I had the supreme pleasure of looking through those massive photo albums during a brief, yet eventful, Summer job at the WB in 1998. An amazing amount of gorgeous shots, and so many never get seen... so it's nice to see them...

Ms. Landau has a beautiful and elegant website. Kudos to her for venturing out to fund her own independent creations.
I find it amusing that Amber Benson's film fundraising efforts have inspired Juliet, and she's openly crediting Amber for the idea. Here's hoping that she raises the necessary dough to make her short; the idea of JL playing seven different roles is tantalizing. ;)
Very nice site. I especially like the montage of her work. I hope she has lots of luck with her funding.
LOL at the action figure page in the store - "please allow six to eight months for delivery"
Well, they have to produce it still. I'm thinking with the current state of the figure line they might not produce it if pre-orders are not high enough. Personally, I will be buying a figure...if we sell our house soon, I might be able to talk my wife into letting me get two. I would love to see this figure produced and she has a one up on Amber, this one is a kit bash of parts from the Deluxe Willow Variants so it much more original, not just a re-paint of an existing figure.
I also got an autographed picture of her as well. I'm never at the cons she's at, but I hope to be sooner or later. Here's hoping this website will be successful.
In my mind, the most underrated actor in the Whedonverse. Wishing her great success with this self-funded project and wishing more big-wigs would wise up and cast Landau in some seriously meaty, high-profile roles.

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