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September 02 2007

Next summer's big action movie? Featuring a character we already know, someone we never get tied of watching... A cute webcomic from xkcd. Joss and Universal, take note.

I was just about to post about this!

Look, not XKCD's best work, but this was a nice shout out.
Dammit! I was tinkering with wording for ages and got scooped.
On my way to post it and it was already here. Twice.
Dang, I didn't really have much of a chance of scooping this, did I.

Also, I'd buy a ticket for every showing for a month and 5 times on Sundays.
You used the word summer but not in a 'wink wink Summer Glau' kinda way...but that was funny. I'd pay 10 bucks to watch that.
The movie that dude is describing sounds like Hard Boiled (a.k.a. Chow Yun-Fat Kills Everyone, Except the Babies).
And, Summer not only once again has to do (almost entirely) her own stunt work, but the movie has to be filmed in a oner.
Isn't this going to be on Fox TV this fall as a TV show?

Sarah Connors Chronicles
Summer Glau as the Terminator
I'm pretty sure that series will have more than its fair share of talking.
Tam Hard ! I'd watch it.

Saw a film last year, BTW, called "Crank" with Jason Statham which is pretty much said "initial talky bit then 90 mins of action" type of film. Apart from one very dubious scene in the middle which was kind of offensive, it was hilariously over-the-top, totally aware of it and a right good laugh IMO.
It's good to get a Firefly mention but that was a really bad cartoon. It was basically an advertising piece for Joss. It wasn't really a punchline at all.
Joseph Jones, I think it was meant to be something the reader was not expecting. As in not one of the common action heros. The problem is that anyone who would get the joke because they know who River Tam is, may not understand why it is a joke because such a choice would not seem strange to them at all.


To make matters worse, my first thought was, "But Joss doesn't make that kind of movie." which for me just added to the problem. I always give credit for getting out there a trying things though.
Saje: The alt-text for the comic actually mentions Crank.

"By my count, only 48 of the 158 minutes in Live Free or Die Hard have action. That's pathetic, guys. Crank is better, but needs a bigger budget and more Summer Glau."
And I was feeling guilty for having enjoyed Crank....
however, more Summer Glau, please.
Heh, hadn't noticed that KernelM, ta for the heads-up ;).

And yeah, Numfar, 'Crank' is a bit of a guilty pleasure, totally mindless and very mindful of it ;).

(it's the bit with his girlfriend I find nasty - not the , seemed to perpetuate a very nasty myth and was a blot on an otherwise fun, if extremely violent, film IMO)
Well, Joss doesn't make those kinds of movies, but he is working on a ballet for Summer. Maybe he could make an action ballet movie? Come on, Joss! Swan Lake is due for a radical remake (and I don't mean having an all male cast).

But "River Tam beats up everyone" works for me, too.
Darn, either I missed Unreality's post or we posted at about the same time. I think you had the better title and summary though, so I'm glad yours is up.

Maybe this is not XKCD's best cartoon ever, but they do have so many that are hilarious in an unexpected but totally true way.
As a note, I told all my friends that it starts out as rape as well and they all got mad at me saying I was reading too much into it.

That was hilarious. I'd totally go see that movie.
Yeah, it's not xkcd's best, but it's such a great webcomic, I'll allow it the occassional River Tam shout-out indulgence.

I'll need to see Crank. Despite possibly disturbing rape subtexts. It can't be any worse than 40 Days and 40 Nights. (Not that 40 Days and 40 Nights is any good, or even an action movie, just that it has some frakked up attitudes towards rape in it.)

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