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September 03 2007

Serenity Screenings in September 2007. Screenings noticed so far in Oregon, Michigan, Texas, California, Indiana.

OR, Portland 9/04/2007 The Mission Theater ( has wrong date)
Free screening post

MI, Ann Arbor 09/22 & 9/23/2007 Michigan Theater
Charitable Event, Equality Now post

TX, Houston 9/14/2007 Landmark River Oaks Theatre
b!x Mr. Movietimes Serenity 10000 mile search

CA, Los Angeles 9/28/2007 Regency Fairfax Cinemas US map of Serenity Screenings

IN, Bloomington 9/30/2007 The Cinemat
Charitable Event, Middleway House
Serenity and Done the Impossible screenings post post

CA, Ventura 10/04/2007 Buenaventura 6 Regency Theater US map of Serenity Screenings

So now we have Landmark and Regency theaters screening Serenity.

Check out their websites and see if you have one of their theaters near you. Give them a hint!
Regency theaters
Landmark theaters

Landmark theater also shows this one as coming soon
CA, San Francisco Aquarius Theatre Landmark theater
And remember one Landmark theater recently sold Serenity CE DVDs at their August 2007 Serenity Screening.

Heh, it's like the glory days of the original CSTS site where I was tracking where Serenity was still playing, in first and second run.

I don't know what's up with that IMDB date for Portland of the 5th.
They're also planning a screening in Atlanta this month, I believe.

Atlanta, Whoo-hoo. I was hoping for more!

You got a link? Or hopefully it will show up on or movietimes at some time.
There's also one tentatively announced for Arlington Cinema 'n' Drafthouse in Arlington, VA, on September 30. Northern VA Browncoats sent out a notice that information will be forthcoming soon.
I'd love to see Serenity on the big screen again. And Ann Arbor isn't that far away. Driving two hours to see a movie I own (uh, two copies of now) is understandable, right? I think I could rationally justify it as profits go to charity...
nicola, back during the core group of such charity screenings in June, many people do, in fact, drive two more or more to go to them. So, rationally justified or not, you wouldn't be the first or the only. ;)
I wouldn't exactly refer to the Bloomington IN screening as "Big Screen". It's a small Venue, the Screening Room of a Video Store. The room seats about 70 people. But a 5x7 foot picture on the screen in a small room is "sorta big", right? :)
Hopefully we can get a Seattle one going again too (I wasn't in state when they did it...)
In case this is getting lost in the shuffle: These aren't all charity screenings. Some are (places that didn't or couldn't do them in June), and some are just, well, the movie playing somewhere.

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