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"You're a wee, little puppet man!"
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September 03 2007

The Life and Times of a Firefly Class Mechanic. Something Awful has a fun article in Front Page News.

...I guess in the Alliance blue kitchen gloves outranks the little hat with the banana on the front.

I am dying here. Hee!
Funny. I was wondering how Hickory (guy in the story) became Bester (guy Kaylee replaces) but that gets explained; he doesn't explain the whole tie in w/the Slayers, I'm still scratching my head over that.
Huh....that was good :)
*Giggle-snort* To think, a mechanic that makes Bestor look good by comparison! Fun times, fun times....
But... that wasn't something awful. It was funny, imaginative, faithful to the 'Verse, and a highly enjoyable read.

Oh, I get it... it was something awful good!
I <3 Something awful. They can be snarky and almost cruel but when the are good they are golden. I think the magical little girl thing is referring to Joss' predilection for having strong young female types who often seem to have mystical powers.

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