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September 04 2007

(SPOILER) Slayer 101 - Gotta have Faith. Wizard Magazine brings us up to speed on Faith's past and drops some hints for her upcoming arc in Buffy season 8.

Wednesday can't come soon enough.
2 days, 2 days, 2 days.
Not to break anyone's hearts but due to the holiday new comics won't be coming out until Thursday. Just don't want anyone to go and realize they'll have to go back the next day. But we waited this long 24 hours more isn't that bad, right? Right?!!!? Please for the love of the flying spaghetti monster will someone please tell me I'm right! I mean, go Thursday. Ra! Ra! Ra!
good to know Midnighter, saves me a fruitless trip to the comic book store. and, since I have no friday classes, I won't be avoiding homework when I go get the comic. go Thursday indeed!
2 days, 2 days, 2 days.

3 days, 3 days, 3 days.

Good reminder, theMidnighter. I forgot that holidays affect shipments. Heartbreak averted, since it's showing up at the store and seeing no new comics that is truly heartbreaking.
Cool, this is the the web version of the bit I mentioned in the link to the BKV interview the other day. Good to see it surface online.
2 days, 2 days, 2 days.

Like, for real this time. Called the shop.
So it IS coming out on Wednesday?

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