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September 03 2007

Pics of the Buffyverse cast at Dragon*Con. If you didn't get to go at the weekend, now's your chance to gaze at some lovely pics of James Marsters, Elisabeth Rohm, Ken Feinberg and Juliet Landau (courtesy of RavenU).

And if anyone wants to post their con reports or links to their own pics in the comments section, that'd be absolutely lovely.

What a great picture of James and Juliet. He looks so happy to see her.
:P I will be putting up more photos soon. This event wiped me out.

I hope people will report on the Firefly panels. Because I missed the Sat and Sun ones with Ron and Mark.

Highlights for me ...

Elisabeth and James wondering what a Law & Order Convention would be like. :) They pictured everyone dressed in suits.

Elisabeth was sent to reform school in Jr. High. Then James and Ken going on about the movie Reform School Girls.

James use to lie about his special skills and put stuff down like he could ride horses.

Juliet directed a video about Gary Oldman's creative process which is going around film festivals.

Elisabeth audition for the part of Brennan in Bones and it was so bad that David ask the producers to give her a second chance. Then he setup a mini movie type test, but she still didn't get the part. Also her and James almost worked together in the pilot Briar & Graves, she auditioned for the part of Briar and James had auditioned for Graves.

Elisabeth talking to James about how different it is to be on a procedural vs a show like Buffy & Angel. James said, "Yeah, I can't bite the bad guy."

Juliet talking about Julie Benz mimicing her on the set of Angel regarding the 'Ringing' and 'Spank me until Tuesday', lines. Including doing the movements.

James would rather kiss the guy on Torchwood than SMG, but he doesn't see why anywoman would want to kiss a man because of his scratchy whiskers and now he wants to shave everytime he kisses a woman.

Ken talking about James cracking up the first time he saw him in chaos demon costume. Then Juliet saying it was her fault he was slimey because Joss was mad at her.

A question about what costume would they wear if they attended Dragoncon, James wanted Elisabeth to be Slave Leia and she said she would for him. He would be a stormtrooper.

Oh yeah and the feeling James and Elisabeth should get a room, also James mentioning how jealous his girlfriend was of Juliet because of the way they connected.
Didn't get any good pics, but I got to meet Ron Glass and Mark Sheppard (without sounding like a total dork), and the crew that was there looked fabulous. Autographed pics go on the Squee Wall as soon as I can find my hammer.

In the Extended Whedonverse panel, Scott Allie confirmed Buffy Season 9 without committing to the number of issues, plus he said more Fray is still on the table for somewhere in the future (as it has been since the first series). And Georges is a serious fanboy. :)
James would rather kiss the guy on Torchwood than SMG

hbojo, he didn't really say why. However during another question he said he thought of SMG as a little sister or it could be the onion thing, like she did with David, she would he an onion before a kissing scene.
Scott Allie confirmed Buffy Season 9

I think, at this point, this is more like "re-confirmed".
This wire story mentions BtVS and Firefly fans at DragonCon:

Umm, have you seen John Barrowman? ;)

Would happily snog the man even if I were a straight male (yeah, I know I sound pathetic).
Hey .. I was there too and got to agree with you RavenU ... James and Elizabeth sure seemed to hit it off. Want to add to your list:

James being jealous of Juliet because she got to work with Gary Oldman.

James being jealous because Juliet had a great creative meeting with Joss before shooting Drusilla for the first time while not only did James not get the great creative meeting, but Joss yelled at him for being one of those 'actors' and how James would get ...l**d ... the rest of his life 'cause he had those great cheekbones.

James being mad at Joss for saying that Spike was the best ingenue for Angel ... 'cause in the theater ingenue meant someone who couldn't pull their weight but would steal all the scenes 'cause they were pretty (even though James knew Joss didn't mean it that way)

Elisabeth saying David was hotter than Sam Waterston, and James saying "well I don't know" :)

I thought it was really sweet of David to help Elisabeth in that Bones audition ... even though she didn't get the role she did get offered something else ... sounds like he's a good friend.

I was great to see James and Juliet together again ... they have an obvious affection for each other. And it was hilarous to hear James tell Juliet to tell him to just 'shut the f**k up 'cause he'd talk forever :)

I didn't do any of the meet and greets with the actors, but I did get to ride back to the airport today with Ron Glass. Nice surprise and he's a very nice guy. Said he enjoyed Dragoncon, but now he was tired and looking forward to going home ... as were we all.

It was a great weekend.
Oh and James got hurt doing a stunt when he was filming Torchwood and he was using a cane.
Anyone get a chance to see the 76th Independent Battalion (of Browncoats) parade at Dragon*Con?
So James & ER had "get a room" chemistry, but Juliet got that heart-melting hug captured so beautifully in RavenU's pic. Can't decide who I'm most envious of :)
Elizabeth didn't smile at James any differently than the Chaos Demon guy did. If everyone who smiled at James like he was just the best thing since sliced bread needed to "get a room", it would have to be a Big Room!!!
Yes but it wasn't just the looks it was the touching going on, Elisabeth was rubbing James on the back which happened more than once during the Q&A's. I didn't see her touch Ken at any of the Q&A's. If it was just looks I wouldn't have mentioned it, I have seen her a few times at Q&A's as well as at auto signings. She never touch any guys on the other panels like she did James. Maybe she was just being frisky and playing it up for the crowd.

[ edited by RavenU on 2007-09-04 15:15 ]
And that's just the touching you saw RavenU ;).
Thanks for the posts and the pics you guys. Made my morning more enjoyable!

Great to see our old friends looking so good!
What I saw was Elisabeth Rohm and her very tall,dark and handsome fiancee on the Vulkon Alaskan Cruise this summer. Very much in love and devoted to each other...I believe she mentioned the fiancee when the other guests also gave their responses to "Are you seeing anyone question.
She may be a Mormon. Wait, does it work that way round ?
I know they were in People magazine but that doesn't mean she cannot be flirt. I am the one to ask her to show the ring off during the Friday Q&A. Also she is the one who asked the "So who are you dating?" question to James on Saturday. Like I said she may have been playing it up for the audience, still I have never seen her be that playful with another panelist before.

OMG I almost forgot - The most ackward & rudest moment in the Q&A was on Saturday when the leader of the Trek Track came in to chastise Ken for choosing to do the Whedontrack over the Trek Track panel, in front of the panelist and audience. He was actually standing in front of the stage almost right in front of Ken for almost a whole minute just staring at him as someone else was in the middle of asking an audience question.

[ edited by RavenU on 2007-09-04 17:41 ]
I have recordings of both the Saturday and Sunday Q&A's and will be posting them sometime this week-ish (today if I can find the time).

To comment on the James-Elizabeth chemistry, it seemed pretty clear she was wildly entertained by the devotions of James' female fans. I think she was just hamming it up to get the fans riled up ("look, I get to touch him!") and she did mention the gal from the Superman Anime who called James "Dreamy." I have lots of fave moments, but I'm saving them for my overall review of the con (to come after the Q&As).
James Marsters said that I have lovely eyes.

*grins forever*

At the panel, he sang a few lines of Nirvana's "All Apologies" and did an incredible reading from Shakespeare's Macbeth. *thud*

Also, I went to the same college that Elizabeth did, Sarah Lawrence! :D Fantastic panels, I'm hoping to see them all over youtube!
Oh, RavenU, I was totally just thinking about that Trek Track guy. I was like, jeez, doesn't he have his own thing going on right now? Did he just want to stand in front of the huge audience, or what? It was very, very odd. At first I had thought maybe he was just some crazy fan about to rush the stage.
It never compeltelyr egsitered on my before but Juliet's photograys seem to get very noticeably dark under fairly ordinary lighting. None of my business why of course but it has finally struck me.
(Wish I'd screened my copy of Ed Wood more than once before my house went up so I'd have soem idea of how her voice sounds sans accent.)
Hey, RavenU, can i ask, what *was* JM doing in that last shot with his shirt pulled up???

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