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September 04 2007

Official Serenity 'Kicker Of Asses' T-Shirt. I don't remember donkeys being in Serenity.

I LOVE that "Shiny" shirt. It's just so... shiny. Damn.

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I've been wanting one of these for a long time...finally snagged the brown, Firefly, baby t-shirt :)
Wow, I hadn't even seen two of those before!
This is so exciting. Something new! I love the Jayne "public relations" shirt. And the Shiny shirt is too cool. And the tee with the ship on the front. Hell, I'll take one of everything.
Wait ... seriously? Kicker of Asses? This is what they're licensing for t-shirts?
It's strikes me as a kinda "oh Serenity is now a cult classic so let's make fun of it in a post modernist ironic way". That or it just looks a bit tacky and feels very unJosslike for some reason.
I'm with Simon on this one...
I don't think so. It looks like some of the same selections that I got one of last year at Comic-con (only the gray color isn't offered in the baby-t-style). It's a quality garment that I'm still wearing. The new selections look fine to me, too.
Yeah, "Kicker of Asses" seems a bit obvious, not very Jossian. Maybe it is summa that there irony stuff i've heard tell about but then the other slogans seem fairly straightforwardly un-ironic so maybe not.

Some nice shirts though, semi-tempted.
"kicker of asses" feels like cross pollination. Maybe the phrase is popular in another fandom, like say, some first person shooter game, and mayhap Jayne is, as this shirt suggests, sort of Venn inclusive to the subset of those who are, of course, kickers of ass. Pardon, asses.

Kicking ass, one notes, is one way to move asses from hither to yonder. But me, I like smack'n 'em.

(Sorry for the comma fest; my commas woke from comas, collectively.)
I personally dig the one with the Browncoat insignia because it's subtle. From a distance your average person is like "Oh why is there a big green triangle on that guy's chest? Must be the in thing." Same with the Fruity Oaty Bar shirt. Both of which I think I now must own.
Yep, I agree war_machine, I actually went to order the 'Star' shirt but it's out of stock. Boo.

Might get the "Fruity Oaty" one too (happily i'm a medium as it's the only size they have - or I am in Europe anyway, could be i'd shrink if I ever visited America ;).

("Collective Comma Comas: An Unpunctuated Plague", film at 11 ;)
Some of these do have an odd vibe. As neat as the idea of a "public relations" shirt is, Jayne looks like a dictator on this one. The Firefly babydoll tee looks very nice, though.

They list the dimensions for each style and size, Saje.
Aha, cheers Sunfire, missed that because it was written in plain English and placed very obviously. Crafty buggers ;).

(I may actually be an American large which surprises me - or large by that site's measure anyway)
Maybe we could all chip in and buy the President one of these.
It's time to buy some hoodies with fall around the corner. I really want the Browncoat insignia shirt but they are always out...
Strikes me they caught the concept, but not the spirit. No thanks, think I pass.
The newest one isn't exactly my favorite, but there are many on that page that are gonna reside in my shifarobe before the year is over.

refuge5 said:
It's time to buy some hoodies with fall around the corner.

Yes indeed. :)
My favorite time of year.
Maybe we could all chip in and buy the President one of these.

OMFG he really did just say that, didn't he? I wish I was better at crying.
Saje, I usually fail to see things in plain sight, myself.

Maybe we could all chip in and buy the President one of these.

The Blue Sun shirt seems a more appropriate gift.
A Blue Sun shirt for Dubya? Talk about your not being able to read plain English.
Anybody done a translation on the Jayne's yellow shirt? It doesn't say Kicker of Asses, does it?

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