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September 05 2007

Angel After The Fall #1 available for pre-order at

I'm so torn on this. I mean, I'm *always* happy for successes in the Whedonverse and I was as bummed as anybody for there to be no more Angel on TV... but, after vehemently hating the series finale the first time I saw it, repeated viewings made it one of my favorite finales EVER. I'll definitely buy the comics and support the comics... I just don't know if I'll actually read the comics! (Who am I fooling? I'll read the comics--I just don't know if I want to.)

Of course, for some perspective... there's also part of me that, as much as I loved Once More with Feeling and Tabula Rasa and other parts of Seasons 6 and 7 of Buffy, kind of envied people who only got it through Season 5... what a way to end a series!
As much as I adore the Angel series finale (I actually watch it every one in a while on a whim, it's like a movie in and of itself), I am thrilled for this continuation, and I cannot wait for November. :)
Yay, can't wait to read this!!
Hey, does anyone know what the release date for this is? I CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!
Ordered. Can't help myself. But I really need to find a comics shop around here - shipping costs are doubling the price of every comic I get.
Dana, it says "November 28, 2007" as the publishing date. I don't know of that means that's the day it will be in the stores.

Does anybody know for sure?

For the record, my wife and I think that Not Fade Away is utterly, unequivocally magnificent. It also has, for my money, one of the funniest Whedonverse lines ever:

Hamilton: Yeah, but we won't care!"
Love that line (and the delivery).

November 28th is a Wednesday Chris (i.e. "comic book day" in the US) so i'd surmise that's when it's actually on sale but I don't know for sure.

Equal measures excited and worried. Just hope it tops (or at least equals) NFA, pretty much the best TV series ending ever IMO. OK, i'm a bit more excited than worried ;).
Okay, Saje, it's on my calendar.

Very worried, too. Excited, to be sure, but worried.

I can watch that episode again and again and again, and I'm routinely amazed, if that's not a contradiction in terms.
I agree Kirochka, shipping is expensive when ordering a comic or two.

Why is it that TFAW has become the unofficial site for Whedonesque comic book purchases? It seems they are posted here on a regular basis. All I read on this site in regards to mail order experiences from TFAW is that the comics take forever to receive and the shipping is expensive. I've never dealt with them firsthand but I know there are TONS of places that will do mail order for comic books.

Just off the top of my head, Mile High Comics is one of the oldest and most trusted dealers in the country. I Googled "comic mail order services" and found dozens and dozens of sites.

Even my tiny local Chicago area comic shop does it and their shipping is cheap. (The store is called Orbitron and the phone number is 847-966-0675.)

With all the access to the honchos at Dark Horse (maybe one or two are reading this post and can chime in), has anyone asked them about subscriptions direct from the publisher? Marvel and DC do it, maybe Dark Horse or IDW does too.
lisaspo, you took just about every word right out of my mouth. NFA was probably the best series finale of anything ever, despite the fact that the series shouldn't have been stopping at that point in the first place. So I am definitely firmly I'm the camp of more worried than excited...

But of course I'll buy it, damn it.
Alexreager: It might make you feel a little better if I tell you that while Marvel's subscription shipping is free, it is also VERY slow (I'm still waiting for Astonishing X-men issue #22).
Personally I subscribe to all my non-Marvel comics through (based in Manhattan) because they are faster and cheaper than anyone else I've found, but they do require a minimum of ten subscriptions.
I feel torn as well. I love love love the finale and was sort of against a continuation at first in my own fangirlish way---but now I see no reason why I cannot read them and just enjoy them as a separate part of the story...even though its a continuation. Does that make sense?
alexreager - IDW do indeed do their own subscriptions from their offical website... it says that they will be doing one for After The Fall.
YAY - right around my birthday:) Nice present:)
Can't wait. More Spike is always welcome.
MySerenity, that is exactly how I would feel, if I had nothing to do with the series. As I do, I can only say "the finale is my favorite finale ever...but MAN what happens next is pretty darn cool".

And luvspike, you will love love love AFTER THE FALL (maybe luv luv luv AFTER THE FALL?). And I'm thinking a certain cover for issue 2 will be on your wall. Blown up. Maybe above your bed.
And I'm thinking a certain cover for issue 2 will be on your wall. Blown up. Maybe above your bed.


I hope this means what it sounds like it means.

I can't wait to read this. I loved the finale, but I was also aware that it wasn't the way the story was originally supposed to end. I'm so excited to see what happens next! And I really, really hope Wes makes an appearance...

I buy all of my comics at my local comic book store, because I think independent businesses are neat.

ETA: LOVE that cover!!

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Love what cover? Number one or is the cover for number two up somewhere?
Just the one at TFAW...I hadn't seen it before. Good stuff.
I'm very happy that we're going to see Angel again. I wasn't much of a fan of the way Ats ended, so it will be really great to see how his story goes on.
I will admit that I'm one of those who don't like NFA as a series ender so I am so glad we are getting a canon continuation.I am also very happy over what you revealed over at your myspace page about a returning character,Brian.
I just visited Brian's MySpace page and it is AWESOME. I am particularly excited to see Spike's all-pink outfit. Definately required reading!
Brian, thanks for posting.

I am a novice to the comic-book world and while I haven't yet fallen in love with the artform, I do love seeing my beloved characters in new "epis".
Brian, how did you know I post all the cool Spike comic book covers on my retreat wall? You been spying on me?!?!
Cannot wait! Very, very exciting.
Yes, the vampire-warriors Spike and Angel return. I can't wait to see their adventures continue.
alexreager, that phone number (Orbitron)is in my area code, coincidentally enough - I've got to check it out. Thanks! (OK, just Googled them and I see they're in Niles, which isn't near me - but if their shipping is cheap, I'll definitely be interested. So, again, thanks for the heads-up.) ETA: Just found a listing for a shop closer to me, and have e-mailed them to see if they're carrying the Buffy and Angel comics...

I always wonder how season 5 would have ended if they hadn't known they were cancelled... e.g. would Wes (sniff) still be around? Anyway, I'm certainly looking forward to seeing what happens, although I, like many others, am torn - I thought the end of NFA was fabulously well done. And there are certain possibilities/likelihoods I just don't really want to know the final answer to (namely, I want to remember Gunn still alive...)

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Right on Kirochka--way to support those local comic book shops! Maybe you can start a subscription pull-box at the store so you dont have to race over the day it comes out.

btw, feel the 847 love!
Kirochka, I don't remember the details, but I read somewhere about what Joss & Co. intended had the show not been cancelled. The bits I recall:

Wes would still be alive (sniff indeed!)
They would have figured out a way to 'split' Fred and Illyria, essentially resurrecting Fred.

I found this blurb online:

We know from Jeff Bell, ANGEL's executive producer, that in Season Six they planned to have the apparently dead Fred resurrected by Willow from BUFFY, who was to appear as a guest star. In Season Five we learn that there are remnants of Fred in Illyria, and [Willow] was apparently going to retrieve Fred, while leaving Illyria alive, allowing Amy Acker to play a double role.


In a new interview, Amy Acker says that Joss Whedon told her that Illyria at least would have survived the fight [in Not Fade Away].

Interesting, no?

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ladygrey, thanks! Very interesting indeed!

alexreager, for this comics newbie... um, what exactly is a pull-box?...
Most comic shops allow customers to have a regular pull list of titles that are set aside as they come in. For someone like myself, who gets a large number of titles every month it's convenient to be able to go in once a month and know that you'll get everything rather than having to rush to the shop every week and hope that the latest hot title you've been dying to read has sold out. There's usually no charge for this service and in fact most shops offer a discount if you "subscribe" this way to X number of titles.
Yeah, I have a pull out box at the shop I go to. I did, however, have to put a $20 deposit down for them to do it. But that's all right, I get a discount for having a box and they give me another discount for using cash and if I decide not to have the box anymore, I get the $20 back. It is nice not to have to rush to get a comic, and they always put in all the different covers so that I can pick and choose. I always look forward to going in and seeing what's in my box, makes me feel like a kid again!!
I'm very excited to see where these guys go with the story.
Yay, just preordered it at my local (meaning German) retailer! Can't wait!
Why is it that TFAW has become the unofficial site for Whedonesque comic book purchases?

TFAW is Dark Horse's retail wing, so while it's natural to use them for ordering the BtVS and Serenity comics, it's a little ironic that people are using it to order IDW's Angel titles. After all, IDW only has Angel-based comics because Dark Horse allowed the AtS license to languish for so long that IDW was able to buy the rights out from under them, and then do it so much better than DH did.

I wouldn't be nearly this excited about A:AtF if it were being done by the writers and artists who did the old Angel comic from Dark Horse. They never seemed to be able to bring the show to life on the printed page the way the current IDW crew can. Well, other than that Joss guy who wrote a few of the DH issues, but he's helping out a bit on this one, so all is good.
Haven't heard back from that comics shop - wonder if it's in business - but I like this pull box concept (thanks for the explanations!). Must look further into finding a shop to do business with.

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