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September 05 2007

(SPOILER) Faith-Tested, Whedon-Approved. New article about Season 8 and the Faith arc from MTV.

Well I'll concur with Joss that Brian does indeed nail all the BtVS characters as if he's been writing them all along. Best scripts I've ever read, and not only from a story standpoint. Comics scripts are a unique beast, primarily because there really isn't one "right" way to write them. A dozen different writers will likely give you a dozen different styles and formats. And it's actually pretty rare to find one written so well that you can enjoy it as much if not more than reading the finished, illustrated comic product. Brian managed to pull that off. At least IMHO.

Can't wait to see how it translates into print. And if any Powers That Be are eavesdropping, just know I'd be willing to drop cash for a high-quality, frame-worthy print of Jo Chen's cover art.
The comic's actually out tomorrow, isn't it? Because of the holiday?
Just called my comic book store. The new books are out tomorrow.
Never mind that, there's more pressing matters ahead.

Where's Sugarshock?

I've been looking forward to reading it all day.
I have to wait another day??? Grrr
Reading the article, makes me very sad reading this bit:
"Dumb money reasons." Reason we didn't get Faith movies on dvd. Breaks the heart.
I get steamed every time I read about the post-NFA DVD movies going south. Grrrr argh.

On to other, better - much, much better - things: bring on the new Faith issue! I went to my comics store today all happy and eager to buy the new book, but alas, Labor Day had intervened. Never mind. Tomorrow it shall be.

I'm with Simon. Where *is* the new Sugarshock? I've been dying to read part two all day.
Where's Sugarshock?

My thoughts exactly.
And if any Powers That Be are eavesdropping, just know I'd be willing to drop cash for a high-quality, frame-worthy print of Jo Chen's cover art.

Haunt, you've seen this site, right ? It was posted here a few weeks back when the server was having conniptions. Not cheap but oh so frame-worthy ;).

Not really a good time for me to splash a lot of cash but I am sorely tempted by Ms Chen's cover to #6, it's beautiful.

Also keen to see the "Shock" (don't hate me cos i'm hip ;) but in a no-pressure-cos-it's-free-thanks-Joss&DH kind of way.

(and does the US delay mean the UK releases won't be until Friday ?)
Dunno Forbidden Planet International shipped my copy to Belfast today so I'll more than likely get it tomorrow.
Ah OK, since they're already over here it seems unlikely there'll be a delay, cool, cheers Simon.
Ah. Didn't mean my echo of "Where is it?" to read as grumpy. It's on my mind, but in a "can I open my present yet?" way. I was glad to see it mentioned here since my idea of linking to MySpace with nothing to report except my happy anticipation seemed, on actual reflection, kind of lame in the deleted way.

More on topic, the exchange about feeling insecure when someone else writes your characters well is very interesting. As are the descriptive Faith quotes.

1 day, 1 day, 1 day.

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