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September 05 2007

(SPOILER) Panel from Angel: After the Fall. Brian Lynch has posted a panel from Angel: After the Fall on his Myspace blog.

Wow, that's awesome. Is the person on our right who I think it is?? I'm delighted to see the other two as well. Rockin'!
It isn't November yet?


The waiting is just gonna kill me.
I'm having trouble with the person on the right. Nina? Kate? Harmony?
Gwen, Connor, Harmony? Unless I'm wrong. I'd fucking love it to be Kate.

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Wouldn't it be a total surprise twist if it turned out to be Bethany Chaulk? ;)
Hey, what ever happened to her anyway?
Looks like Harmony to me. I can't imagine Kate clothed that way, gossi.
Nina - now there's an interesting thought.

I think it's Harmony, but I'd love to see Nina and Kate make appearances, too.
I hope it's Harmony. Gwen and Harmony. Two of my three favorite Angel characters side by side. I love Brian Lynch.

If it is Harmony, I wonder how she will fit in. Does she feel bad for betraying Angel?
Gwen,Connor and Harmony based on what she's wearing.
Okay, it's definitely Gwen based on what she's wearing, but how are you getting Harmony based on what the blonde's wearing? What am I missing?

Brian did say "a couple", which I infer as being two. Maybe we're not supposed to recognize the blonde?
Harmony was who I first thought of.So happy Gwen is there, one of the characters I wish they had done more with, or had another season in which to have her guest on.
That's just frakkin' amazing. Come on, November!
That's what I'm saying! I can't wait to talk to you guys about it.
Well I'm not sure, but it looks like the "blonde" (I love how we assume she's blonde even though the pic is black & white) is wearing some kind of athletic shorts or track suit or something. Is that something Harm would wear? *shrug*

Harmony is as good a guess as any, though Nina is just as likely I think.
Hmm. I agree with Gwen and Connor... but that third could even be Justine, couldn't it? Dunno if that's necessarily *blonde* hair, in other words.
At first I thought that the guy in the center was Lindsey because of the long hair, but that isn't likely, is it? Nope, it must be Connor. I agree that that's Gwen on the left. Yay, Gwen! I suspect the figure on the right is Harmony, but who knows? Nina is a possibility, too. We don't know what happened to her after her little bench exchange/goodbye with Angel during NFA, do we? Maybe instead of going to Mexico, she stayed on in L.A. and decided to help Angel with her werewolf powers. (How full was the moon during the events of NFA?) Like gossi, I'd love it to be Kate after all, but I don't think so. Then again, she really ended up owing Angel her life, didn't she? Maybe she dealt with her weepy Daddy issues and got all extra demon-fightery and is ready to sign on and help Captain Forehead & gang.

I cannot wait for this issue to debut. It's killing me. Like Chris in Virginia and Haunt and others, I loved Not Fade Away so much that I'm pretty much suffused with fear about the continuation of my beloved Angel story. How could anything be worthy of picking up where NFA left off? But Brian seems well up to the job, so I await with a happy kind of fear. Late November seems so far away.

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Seriously awesome! I'm hoping it is Harmony, but I'm just thrilled to see Gwen & Conner entering the fray (and too bad Fray can't be there, huh? LOL).
I am really looking forward to this, November is just too long to wait!
I'd been hoping since the finale aired that Connor decided not to listen to Angel (novel concept, I know) and end up in that alley. He'd really be a great asset.
At first I thought that the guy in the center was Lindsey because of the long hair

I did too but the clothing is all wrong. Also, the shoes. Lindsey was wearing boots.

But yay! for Connor!
I don't think it's Nina.She looks too tough looking in the face and the hair isn't the right style to me.Doesn't look/feel Nina like I think.I don't get the vibe it's Nina personally.

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I could be wrong, but that looks to me like some sort of post-apocalyptic tribe or army? Like people banding together to defend themselves. Did it really get that bad in LA? Yikes.
Brian, you love that you're driving us all insane, don't you? :) I can't wait for this.
It looks like Harmony to me. Her nose looks like Mercede's. Definitely Connor, and that certainly makes me happy. I love well adjusted Connor from season 5 :) I hope that's Gwen! I'm so excited about this series!!!
Yay for Gwen & Connor! I hope the blonde is Harmony and I really hope it's not Nina. She was one character I did not like at all.
yay for gwen!!!
I don't know why it'd be Nina. I mean sure she's a werewolf, but I don't think human Nina would be much good in a fight. She'd end up like Gunn. And he actually WAS of use in a fight!

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Hey! Wow! This comic is going to be awesome!
You know, I always thought that Angel had a crop of great one-shot (or recurring) strong female characters (Gwen, Bethany, Kate, Justine, Nina ... just to name a few) that were ripe for the sowing. Imagine if they all got together to get back at Angel and the Fang Gang?

Anyway. I'm waaaay looking forward to A:ATF, too. And ditto on the 'yay for Gwen.' She's a fave.
That artwork is amazing. Conner looks so manly. Really great to see Gwen given the Gunn connection.
This wait is going to suck the life out of me, November just won't get here fast enough.

The third girl? Kinda resembles the Buffybot. I don't think she looks like Harmony, Kate or Nina. Not Darla or Cordelia.
I can't wait til Brian can discuss this with us.
Great panel. I wonder wha the context in. Damn time moving so!:)
Not bad, not bad.

Glad to see Connor and Gwen back. Now if we could only figure out who the other chick is...

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