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September 05 2007

Michelle Trachtenberg wraps filming on The Circuit. Michelle plays a stock car driver who races against her father.

Her love scene was shot on a closed set. But don't get too excited...this is made for the ABC Family channel. ;)

So, this is "Herbie: Fully Loaded" without the Love Bug? Still, the idea of daughter racing against dad is a nice twist.
Without the Love Bug, and minus the terribly self-destructive ingenue in the lead. It'll be nice to see MT in a project where she plays a strong, successful woman who is...dare I say it...driven. ;)
Hope she's a better driver than Buffy...
Michelle's not-ready-for-prime-time scene is in a different film; I odn't know if it involves full nudal backity or if it's a bottomless scene.
Thought her performance in Ice Princess was actually quite pleasant. Not a stretch for her, but quite competent.

However, I do find myself curious at the prospect of seeing "Dawn" driving a race car at 150+ MPH. As Robert Duvall's character says in Days of Thunder, "rubbing's racin'". Look forward to seeing her in a wreck or two!

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